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Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC – Frequency Specific Microcurrent Education, Training and Seminars For Doctors and Practitioners- Treating Neuropathic Pain, Macular Degeneration, Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain in Head, Neck and Face, Chronic Back Pain, Shingles, Herpes, Detoxification – World Wide

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Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC – Frequency Specific Microcurrent Education, Training and Seminars For Doctors and Practitioners- Treating Neuropathic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain in Head, Neck and Face, Chronic Back Pain, Shingles, Herpes, Detoxification – World Wide

What Is Frequency Specific Microcurrent:

FSM was developed by Dr. Carolyn McMakin in 1995 using frequencies passed on from an osteopath in Canada who had a practice that came with a machine made in the 1920’s. Dr. McMakin developed protocols for the treatment of myofascial pain in 1996 and presented her clinical data at the American Back Society national meeting in December 1997. In 1998, she published paper on the “Treatment of chronic resistant myofascial pain in the head, neck and face” in Topics in Clinical Chiropractic. In addition to other published FSM papers, Dr. McMakin’s textbook “Frequency Specific Microcurrent in Pain Management” was recently published by Elsevier. Dr. McMakin began teaching FSM in 1997 to see if the effects of FSM were reproducible. By June 1997 it was clear that the effects were reproducible and the seminars have evolved into a three day intensive class in the use of frequency protocols, the differential diagnosis of pain generators and neurologic conditions.

The frequencies were developed in the early 1900’s and were used with funky looking electronic equipment that fell out of use in the 1940’s. Microcurrent was introduced as a battery operated physical therapy modality in the 1980’s in Europe and the USA. Microcurrent devices deliver frequencies and current in millionths of an amp and have been shown in published studies to increase energy (ATP) production in cells by 500%.

Since 1997, hundreds of practitioners around the world have taken the FSM seminar and use this amazing new technique to help patients recover from myofascial pain, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, concussion and many other health concerns. The FSM seminar teaches frequency protocols, differential diagnosis of pain complaints and hands on use of the microcurrent equipment. Our students evaluate the seminars consistently with 5/5 value approval ratings.

Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC is the leading authority and developer of Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM). She maintains a part time clinical practice, participates in research and teaches seminars on the use of FSM in the United States, Australia, Ireland and Europe. She has lectured at the National Institutes of Health and at numerous conferences in the US, England, Canada and Australia on the subjects of fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndromes.

Changing Medicine One Patient at a Time

Frequency Specific Microcurrent is an exciting new way of treating nerve and muscle pain and many other conditions using specific frequencies and micro amperage current. There are hundreds of practitioners in the US, Australia, Ireland, and Canada using FSM to create miraculous changes in patients to reduce pain and improve health. Most of the time FSM produces immediate and dramatic changes in tissue that makes it an indispensable tool in treating pain and many other health concerns.

For example, there is one frequency combination that is only useful for shingles and herpes. In the shingles prodrome it eliminates the pain and prevents the blisters from breaking out. In herpes outbreaks, it eliminates the pain and heals the blisters in hours with only a one hour treatment.

This frequency combination is only good for this purpose and is not useful for anything else. We have not found anyone it does not work on or any other condtion for which it is useful. The frequency to reduce inflammation reduces inflammation in a blinded animal study more effectively than any drug ever tested in this animal model. No other frequency reduced inflammation at all. The frequency specific effect is remarkable and reproducible.

There are FDA restrictions on what we can say, report or claim as an effect of the use of microcurrent as a device for the treatment of any condition other than a general “treatment of pain” statement.

Microcurrent instruments are all approved under the general class of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (“TENS”) devices even though microcurrent is 1000 times less current than TENS.

TENS devices can only make claims about general relief of pain. This doesn’t change what we can do, it changes what we can say about what we can do. All references to clinical effects other than simple pain control refer to frequency resonance effects not the effects of microcurrent.

Pain Management FSM has changed what is possible in pain management. FSM can treat chronic myofascial pain quickly, easily, and comfortably. Nerve pain from nerve traction injuries, disc bulges, herniations, herpes and shingles can be treated successfully by FSM Practitioners.

There are protocols for kidney stone pain, disc and facet joint generated pain that give rapid and often lasting relief. The protocol for fibromyalgia associated with neck trauma offers pain relief, unprecendented changes in inflammatory cytokines and hope for the 2 million patients who suffer from this condition.

There are never any promises with medical procedures but Frequency Specific Microcurrent offers hope.

If you are a patient, check our list of trained practitioners near you who can bring the benefits of frequency specific microcurrent to your health care program.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) uses microamperage current to increase energy production in cells and specific frequencies to change cellular function with electromagnetic signaling. FSM has been reported to improve sight in patients suffering from macular degeneration. While there have been no controlled trials, the anecdotes from clinicians suggest that the treatment is helpful in improving visual acuity and slowing progression of the condition. There are no known risks and no adverse reactions have been reported but patients seeking treatment should be aware that this is a new treatment for this condition and the potential risks are unknown.

FSM recommends that trained professionals such as optometrists, opthalmologists, and medical physicians trained to treat the eye be sought to treat macular degeneration with FSM.

There are five FSM practitioners in the US who treat the eye with FSM for macular degeneration and other conditions. To find out more information, please call the clinics directly.

FSM Practitioners

Richard Luekenga, OD and David Graf, OD
Valley Vision Clinic
Richfield, UT

Shirley Hartman, MD
Mandarin Wellness Center
Jacksonville, FL

Kenneth Welker, MD
Oregon Optimal Health
Eugene, OR

Todd Robinson, MD
Robinson Family Clinic
Lakeland, FL

If you would like information on FSM seminars sent to your eye care practitioner, please send us an email at info@frequencyspecific.com.

Learn How to Use this Amazing Technique

Our medical, chiropractic, and naturopathic physicans, physical and occupational therapists, licensed acupuncturists, registered nurses and massage therapists have been using FSM for over 13 years to successfully treat myofascial pain from trigger points, tendonitis, nerve pain, peripheral neuropathies, shingles, herpes, kidney stone pain, fibromyalgia and medical conditions associated with inflammation. To learn how to use this amazing new technique, join us for a three day seminar.  Read More

Frequency Specific Microcurrent Classes The Core Seminar covers basic microcurrent information and the use of specific frequencies and protocols thought to address specific tissues and conditions based on the principles of bio-resonance. The first part of the course focuses on the frequencies and protocols used to treat chronic myofascial pain, new injuries, and injuries less than six weeks old, discogenic pain, post concussive syndrome and neuropathic pain. The third day of the course focuses on the frequencies needed to treat visceral conditions, and functional medicine applications.


Already attended a Core Seminar? You can re-attend at a discounted price. Call 1.360.695.7500 for more details.

Can’t travel? Check out our remote learning on DVD. Click here for more info.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent Seminar Enrollment

Carolyn McMakin, D.C.

To register, please call 1.360.695.7500 or toll-free 1.877.695.7500, or email us directly at info@frequencyspecific.com

Core Seminar – For more information on class hours and schedule, click here


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