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Regaining Hormonal Balance is Easier Than You Think – By Dr. Screven Edgerton,OB/Gyn – Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Doctor, Functional Medicine Doctor, Anti-Aging Doctor, Women’s Health Issues, Thyroid Disease,Weight Management, Nutrition, Detoxification, Brain Wellness, Acupuncture Treatment Doctor – Austin, Texas

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Regaining Hormonal Balance is Easier Than You Think - By Dr. Screven Edgerton,OB/Gyn – Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Doctor, Functional Medicine Doctor, Anti-Aging Doctor, Women's Health Issues, Thyroid Disease,Weight Management, Nutrition, Detoxification, Brain Wellness, Acupuncture Treatment Doctor – Austin, Texas

You’d be surprised how quickly you can restore your hormones to optimal levels and start looking better, feeling better, and living better, free of the Menopausal & Andropausal symptoms that haunt you.

The Amazing Benefits of Bioidentical Hormones

Yes, the same hormones that nurture a growing fetus and keep women and men youthful. The same hormones that keep the breasts full, bones strong, the colon healthy, the mind sharp, skin vibrant, and sexuality soaring.

Yet, instead of embracing our physiology and the hormones we need for survival, physicians have been blindsided by the pharmaceutical industry and the notion that synthetic hormones are as safe as what our body naturally gives us.


These are generally plant derived substances that are engineered to have the exact chemical structure as the hormones in our bodies. The body recognizes these “natural” hormones as their own. Hormone replacement can have amazing benefit. Here are a few:

· Improved energy 
· Better memory and mental acuity
· Cardio protection
· Weight loss
· Bone health
· Reduce or eliminate symptoms of PMS and PCOS
· Reduce or eliminate menopausal symptoms
· Balance of mood and less depression
· Maintenance of good skin, hair and teeth
· Improved muscle definition and normalization of weight
· Enhanced libido and sexuality


Hormone replacement is not a new invention. Replacement with bioidentical hormones isn’t either. Popularity of natural hormone replacement and returning to a focus on physiology is what is novel. The most significant factor driving the increased interest in bioidentical hormones is the rising fear that conventional HRT is posing a significant risk. There are clear benefits to hormone replacement.


For physicians the question should not be if we are to replace hormone deficiencies, but rather which hormone is the best for our patient. If we (physicians) can base our decisions on physiology, medical evidence, and the best hormone replacement, we will be doing the best for our patients. With the mass media controlling the pulse and ultimately the fear of the public, even physicians can get bogged down with what may be best. It seems an easy alternative would be to just advise women to not take any hormones and just embrace the aging process. This is not the right approach!


The experts from the menopausal and gynecological academies claim that there are no studies to support the use or benefit of compounded bioidentical hormones as opposed to conventional, pre-manufactured products. True. The FDA approval process for synthetic drugs is meant to prove that a drug is effective for the purpose intended, is absorbed properly, and maintains adequate serum levels to guarantee efficacy. These conventional, manufactured drugs are standardized and guaranteed to have a certain consistency and effectiveness.

So how do we know that the prescriptions compounded by hand in compounding pharmacies are consistent and effective? We simply test levels in our patients and assure that what we prescribe consistently provides protective levels with the pharmacies we use. If we weren’t seeing good levels, we would question the pharmacy on the source of their pure ingredients and their compounding process. Compounding pharmacies can have different procedures, but we must assure through serum testing that what is being dispensed provides exact amounts of hormones and efficacy.


Thyroid is a hormone secreted by the thyroid gland. It regulates temperature, metabolism, and cerebral function. Over time, the amount of thyroid hormone decreases and conversion from T4 to T3 is decreased. Patients can have normal labs and symptoms of thyroid deficiency. The range of "normal" thyroid is so wide that many individuals are suffering from insufficient thyroid despite having values in the normal range. There is a wide range of benefits for the thyroid hormone:

· Increased energy
· Increases fat breakdown
· Weight loss
· Lowers cholesterol
· Cardiovascular protection
· Improved cerebral metabolism
· Prevents cognitive impairment 
· Protects against bone loss
· Assists with irregular menses & ovulation 
· Improves thin sparse hair and nails
· Improvement of bipolar disorder


Pregnenolone is a steroid hormone synthesized from cholesterol and naturally found in the brain, gonads, and adrenal gland. It is the precursor to DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Pregnenolone is an imperative "brain-supporting" hormone that often decreases with age, leading to memory ailments, mood changes, stress and anxiety.  Replenishing pregnenolone levels can lead to improved stress and anxiety, balanced mood, memory function, better sleep. 


Estrogen is predominately a female hormone produced in the ovaries and the adrenal glands. The female body produces three types of estrogen. Estradiol is the most abundant during the reproductive years. Estrone becomes the most prominent in untreated menopause. Estriol is the byproduct of the other two and has the weakest estrogenic effect. In addition to the cosmetic benefits – stronger hair, smoother skin, and improved muscle tone, estrogen has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and colon cancer. Additionally, there is protection and/or reduction of stroke, cholesterol, Alzheimer ’s disease, menopause symptoms, memory loss, genital tract atrophy and depression.

We must learn to not fear estrogen. If it were harmful, then we would remove women’s ovaries after childbearing.


Both men and women have testosterone in their bodies.  Testosterone is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, ovaries, and testes. This amazing hormone goes beyond controlling sex drive to give the body true vitality.  We have seen from medical studies that optimal testosterone can:

· Increased lean muscle mass 
· Increased endurance 
· Decreased fat 
· Increased exercise tolerance 
· Enhanced well being 
· Improved bone density 
· Improved skin tone 
· Improved healing
· Cardiovascular protection 
· Decreased blood pressure
· Improves depression 
· Prevents Alzheimer’s and dementia
· Improves lipids 
· Improves insulin sensitivity
· Increased libido                               
· Enhance sexual performance


Progesterone gets it's name from being the hormone of pregnancy (Pro-gestational-hormone).  Progesterone is secreted by the ovary. There are receptor sites in the uterus, breast, vagina, blood vessels and brain. One of its primary roles to maintain balance with estrogen. When women reach their forties, progesterone typically is the first hormone to slack off.  This is mainly because ovulation is slowing down.  This is what some term estrogen dominance but truly it is progesterone deficiency.  Progesterone's amazing qualities include:

  • Decreased menstrual bloating 
  • Decreased menstrual headache
  • Protection from uterine cancer 
  • Protection from breast cancer
  • Improves libido 
  • Reduces bloating
  • Improves sleep 
  • Improves mood
  • Reduction of PMS and menopause symptoms
  • Helps with polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Improves osteoporosis, ovarian cysts, fibrocystic disease
  • Increase HDL cholesterol (Heart Dz prevention)


DHEA is a hormone secreted by nerve tissue and the adrenal glands. It is an endocrine precursor to other hormones (Testosterone, Progesterone, and Estrogen).   This is one of our stress hormones and is a backup to the cortisol production in our bodies.

DHEA levels fall with age but maintaining an optimal level helps:

· Reduces cardiovascular disease 
· Improves mood & well being 
· Decreases cholesterol and body fat
· Prevents osteoporosis 
· Assists with sleep
· FDA approved for lupus 
· Improved erectile dysfunction
· Protects against insulin resistance 
· Improved immunity
· Neurotransmitter 
· Prevention of diabetes/obesity
· Possible reduction of depressive symptoms 
· Decreased accumulation of abdominal fat

Acupuncture Is Proven To Be Effective In Reducing Fertility Stress – By George Mandler, LDN, LicAC – Acupuncture, Nutrition, Digestive Disorders, Food Sensitivities, Infertility, Pain Management, Fatigue, Allergies – Stow, Massachusetts

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Acupuncture Is Proven To Be Effective In Reducing Fertility Stress – By George Mandler, LDN, LicAC – Acupuncture, Nutrition, Digestive Disorders, Food Sensitivities, Infertility, Pain Management, Fatigue, Allergies – Stow, Massachusetts

Acupuncture and in particular Chinese Medicine is a proven technique for increasing conception rates.   Massachusetts is one of 16 states that require insurance companies to cover ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) which is a cost we all incur.  The cost for a single IVF cycle is at minimum $10,000.  The goal of ARTs is to have a baby, but ignores the health of the mother and father.     A much more cost effective approach that improves the well being of all involved is Chinese Medicine which includes acupuncture, herbal medicine and diet.    ART is necessary in cases where conception naturally is not possible.  However in the vast majority of cases by utilizing Chinese Medicine alone a couple will conceive a healthy baby – especially for couples with 'unexplained' fertility.   Most often Chinese Medicine diagnosis will uncover imbalances that are hindering conception.  Appropriate treatment with nutrition, acupuncture and herbal medicine will correct imbalances thereby having healthier mother and supporting conception, implantation, carrying pregnancy to term, and a healthier postpartum.

One of the mechanisms whereby acupuncture may help with conception is by reducing stress.   There is little doubt that inserting needles into someone causing positive physiological responses that are beyond one just lying on a table listing to relaxing music. Also we've heard stories where a couple 'tried and tried' to get pregnant, but then gave up or went on vacation and got pregnant.    A recent study concluded (full text here) that "Acupuncture may be a useful intervention to assist with the reduction of infertility-related stress."    It certainly depends on each individual.  Some people just cannot turn off their minds to calm their nervous system (which is a major cause of 'unexplained infertility') enough to let the needles do their job (it is subtle energy).   The individuals may benefit from other mind-body awareness exercises such as biofeedback and deep tissue massages or just a vacation with their loved one to a warm and sunny place.  But for the majority of fertility patients acupuncture is a wonderful tool to assist the conception process whether they are choosing to use ART or conceive naturally.

Yours In Health,

George Mandler

Licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed Dietitian, Chinese Herbalist

Dr. Screven Edgerton, OB/GYN – Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Doctor, Functional Medicine Doctor, Anti-Aging Doctor, Weight Management, Nutrition and Detoxification, Brain Wellness, Acupuncture Treatment – Austin, Texas

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Dr. Screven Edgerton, OB/GYN - Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Doctor, Functional Medicine Doctor, Anti-Aging Doctor, Weight Management, Food Allergies, Massage Therapy, Natural Menopause Treatment, Adrenal Fatigue, Perimenopause Nutrition and Detoxification, Brain Wellness, Acupuncture Treatment – Austin, Texas

Dr. Edgerton is a board certified OB/GYN. His interest in bioidentical hormone replacement started years ago when he realized many of his patients were not improving with some of the standard medical regimens.  Research and study led him to understand that there is a wealth of scientific literature to support supplementation with more natural forms of many medicines.  He now feels he can best help his patients and add life to years as well as years to life.

He received his medical degree from Louisiana State University and completed his training at the University of Texas in Houston.  Dr. Edgerton and his family have lived in the Austin area since 2005. His outside interests include sports, exercise, family, friends and nature.




About Premier Health And Wellness:

My staff and I have created a new dynamic for medical care. We strive to understand the physiologic cause for your illness.  It is our mission to go beyond what is normal and find what is OPTIMAL!  We use the highest quality bioidentical hormones and supplements to get you feeling your best. 

It is our mission to go beyond normal and find what is OPTIMAL! 

Unfortunately in medicine today, physicians have very little time to spend with patients and therefore we fall in to the rhythm of poor diagnosis which commonly means writing a prescription for symptoms. Even worse, if the underlying issue isn't clear, then many patients are prescribed anti-depressants and sent on their way.

We pledge to spend more time with you so that we may deliver the best care possible.  We use a variety of tests to determine how multiple organ systems are involved with your problem.  We offer programs that address hormone imbalance, gastrointestinal function, brain wellness, adrenal fatigue and all natural weight management.

If you desire a new, all natural personalized approach to your health care — let Premier Health and Wellness provide the personal attention you deserve.

We also understand the long journey it can take to find a Board Certified Medical Doctor who knows the science, has done the research, and has the experience to treat the symptoms the can keep you from enjoying life to it's fullest.

Premier Health & Wellness offers consultations by telephone giving you a chance to discuss your symptoms, ask questions and find out how Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can change your life!

Call 512-459-4405 today to find out how Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can change your life!

Our Services:

   – Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
   – Food Intolerance (Allergy) Testing
   – Gastrointestinal Function Evaluation
   – Brain Wellness and Adrenal Gland Evaluation
   – Weight Management

Bioidentical Hormones

There is a continuous symphony of processes in our body that work in a harmonious way. Our bodies, however, change as we age. Additionally, we are being constantly bombarded by stressors that alter this balance in our systems. The environment, our diet, relationships – they all have a stressful impact on our health. Hormones are a vital part of keeping our systems functioning at their best.

It is hard to believe that the standard of current medical thinking states that replacement of the hormones women and men have enjoyed their entire life will all of a sudden put them in grave danger.

Regaining Hormonal Balance is Easier Than You Think

You’d be surprised how quickly you can restore your hormones to optimal levels and start looking better, feeling better, and living better, free of the Menopausal & Andropausal symptoms that haunt you.

Yes, the same hormones that nurture a growing fetus and keep women and men youthful. The same hormones that keep the breasts full, bones strong, the colon healthy, the mind sharp, skin vibrant, and sexuality soaring.

Yet, instead of embracing our physiology and the hormones we need for survival, physicians have been blindsided by the pharmaceutical industry and the notion that synthetic hormones are as safe as what our body naturally gives us.

Brain Wellness

Having optimal hormone levels can make a huge difference in health and how we feel. We must not, however, overlook our brain and the adrenal gland.

Humans are complex and there are a number of body systems that must function in perfect harmony. There is a beautiful symphony of processes and interplay between our gastrointestinal system, hormone producing glands, tissues and brain. If one system is under functioning, multiple processes can suffer & ultimately compromise optimal health.

Anti-depressant and anxiety medication use in this country is at an epidemic proportion. When physicians don’t try to understand why someone feels poorly, it is an all too easy fallback to prescribe antidepressants. Despite the many appropriate uses, patients are staying on these medications for far too long and are not educated on the proper way to wean off them.

In our opinion, these medications are band-aids. We strive to understand the physiology of what may be deficient instead of tricking the brain to keep more of a neurotransmitter in the brain.

By evaluating the amino acids (neurotransmitters) of the brain and adrenal gland, we can improve health and well-being for a multitude of problems:

  – Depression               

  – Anxiety
  – Fatigue                      

  – Irritability
  – Poor focus                 

  – Weight control
  – Poor memory            

  – Chronic pain             

  – Sleep disturbances
  – Headaches                

  – Mood changes

Stress over time can cumulatively wear on the human body. Stress comes in many forms – environmental, relationships, dietary, physical, etc. When we don’t replenish our bodies with proper nutrients, we suffer the consequences.


We use specialized urine and saliva tests that are collected at specific times and then sent to Germany for analysis.

The results then allow us to construct a treatment protocol of high grade supplements. We retest in 2-3 months and adjust the protocol from there.

This test is being used internationally and by professional athletes.

Brain wellness evaluation has been an incredible addition to our practice and has provided multiple breakthroughs for optimal physical and mental health.

Weight Management

THE PLAIN TRUTH: No pill, injection, gel, or cream will provide healthy sustainable weight loss. Popular diets using phentermine or HCG put our bodies in an un-natural state. Most patients we see on or after these diets have already gained the weight back. The reason is that proper nutrition and exercise were ignored!

We have put together a system to diagnose and treat abnormal weight gain.  We look at it as a puzzle with multiple pieces needing to be arranged in perfect order.

Our Menu Includes:

  – Hormone deficiency testing
  – Gastrointestinal evaluation (bacteria, parasites, inflammation, etc.)
  – Evaluation for diabetes /insulin resistance
  – Food Intolerance testing

We have designed a 28 day diet that will show you how to eat more nutritious foods (Farm to Table), boost your energy, detoxify you system, and above all lose weight. Average weight loss is 6 to 20 pounds depending on exercise. 

We use natural protein shakes and supplements to replace key meals during the day without adding unnecessary sugar or additives.  

Get all the details at www.premierwellnessproducts.com


Dr. Screven Edgerton has been featured in the first edition of: North America's TOP DOCTORS – Share Secrets To Anti-Aging & Wellness

Dr. Edgerton joins ten experts in writing about optimal health through natural options.  Some of the topics discussed include detoxification, inflammation, male menopause, and perimenopause.

Kick-off your health journey with North America's Top Doctors and end it by achieving the ultimate trinity in health: physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Glean important insights through our featured doctors' expertise and opinions formed by years of experience in their fields of anti-aging and wellness.

A must-have resource on the prevention and treatment of joint pain, diabetes, menopause symptoms, obesity and so much more, this book is for people with both serious health issues and for those who want the latest on exercise and nutrition. Everyone can learn from North America's Top Doctors

Totally Organic Teeth Whitening Now Being Offered At Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness In Plantation & Hollywood, Florida For Only $60.00! – Medical Weight Loss, Safe Weight Loss, Nutrition Counseling, Health Coaching, Health & Wellness Program, Individualized Organic Meal Plans, DaVinci Organic Teeth Whitening, Revitalash – Plantation, Hollywood, Broward County, South Florida

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The DaVinci non-dental professional whitening process is a simple three step process.  It is a combination of LED blue light, specifically designed for non-dental laser teeth whitening, a mouth piece or brush applicator, and our all natural laser whitening gel.  This whitening process is designed to safely and gently remove years of staining from teeth. It is safe, effective, non-invasive, and affordable. Clients experience great results in as little as 15 to 30 minutes, with little to no sensitivity.  Our non-dental laser whitening system yields the best whitening results available in the market today. Getting started is easy because DaVinci offers everything you need.

DaVinci Laser Teeth Whitening Gel

Our proprietary gels are strong enough to deliver the results our clients want, yet gentle enough to provide a non-invasive pleasurable teeth whitening experience. We manufacture our teeth whitening gels using only the highest quality USA organic, plant and mineral based ingredients. The active ingredient in our gel is a food grade Hydrogen Peroxide and contains three key minerals to stabilize and strengthen the enamel. Our product has been proven to whiten as well or better than other dental whiteners, but without the level of sensitivity and side effects that other whiteners can deliver. Our whitening gels are made fresh each week because we believe our customers deserve the freshest product possible.*

Professional Teeth Whitening

  • Safe & Painless
  • Instant Results
  • Up to 8 Shades Whiter

Relaxing 3 Step Process

  • Whitening gel applied to teeth, upper and lower arch
  • LED Laser Light is positioned to the mouth to accellerate whitening
  • Rinse and see your results

Regularily $129.00 – Now ONLY $60.00!
At Dr. G's Weight Loss & Wellness
In Plantation & Hollywood Florida!

Call Valery To Schedule Your Appt: 954-423-1495

How white will my teeth get?

After undergoing whitening with the DaVinci Teeth Whitening System, teeth shades will brighten between five to 14 shades, with an average improvement of five to eight shades with each 15 minute session. Individual results will depend on your current tooth shade, treatment time, and the composition of your teeth. Your end result will be a whiter, healthier smile. Everyone's teeth are different and will have a natural stop point.

How long will the whitening last?

This varies from person to person and depends on your diet and lifestyle. However, with proper maintenance and periodic touch-up treatments, you can keep your smile looking great for a lifetime.

Is DaVinci Teeth Whitening safe?

Yes, the DaVinci whitening gel formulation is an organic plant and mineral based product with built in enamel building qualities. Scientific research has shown that the active ingredients in the DaVinci Teeth Whitening Gels are safe and effective. Our whitening equipment is FDA approved and has been used throughout the dental and cosmetic community for years. DaVinci Teeth Whitening does not change or damage the structure of the teeth; it merely lifts and removes the stains, making your teeth whiter.

How long does the treatment take?

Treatment times are 15 to 60 minutes depending on the discoloration of your teeth. It takes no longer than the time it would for you to have a haircut or a facial – it is that simple!

What is the difference

The DaVinci non-dental teeth whitening system uses the same technology and product as our dental offices for teeth whitening and gives you the same great results. However, DaVinci's non-dental teeth whitening is a self administered process using a mouth tray application and our dental office process is more complex, using a brush on application method.

Does it hurt?

No, in fact most clients experience no sensitivity during or after a whitening session. A very small percentage of clients may feel some minor tooth sensitivity, especially if they consume very cold or hot foods or drinks within two hours after the whitening session.  A dental treatment typically utilizes a stronger product that may create more sensitivity. We recommend you speak directly to your dentist about possible sensitivity.

Will DaVinci Teeth Whitening work on crowns and fillings?

DaVinci teeth whitening will remove staining from composite materials and take them back to the original color, but will not whiten them beyond the original color of the material used at the time of placement.

Should I consider DaVinci Teeth Whitening?

Studies have shown that people with whiter teeth look younger and that there is a correlation between high self-esteem and a bright, confident smile.  DaVinci Teeth Whitening is a great way to instantly enhance your appearance.

Is DaVinci Teeth Whitening treatment for everyone?

The DaVinci Teeth Whitening treatment provides dramatic results for anyone who wants to whiten their teeth. This includes people with teeth that have been stained by smoking or by substances such as coffee or tea. It will also lighten teeth stained by tetracycline, speckled by fluoride, or hereditary discoloration.

Regularily $129.00 – Now ONLY $60.00!
At Dr. G's Weight Loss & Wellness
In Plantation & Hollywood Florida!

Call Valery To Schedule Your Appt: 954-423-1495

Dr. G's Weight Loss& Wellness – Plantation is located at 455 SW 78th Ave. Plantation, Fl 33324 and Dr. G's Weight Loss – Hollywood is located in the Sheridan Plaza at 4939 Sheridan St. Hollywood, Fl 33021

Please call Valery at 954-423-1495. To stay engaged on weight loss please join Dr. G's Weight Loss & Wellness Facebook and Twitter.


How To Effectively Manage And Treat Pain Holistically – By Dr. Joseph Dubroff, ND – Naturopathic Doctor – Prolotherapy, Auto Immune Disorders, HCG Weight Loss, IV Nutritional Therapy, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Thyroid Disease Doctor – Carlsbad, Newport Beach, Ladera Ranch, San Diego County, California

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How To Effectively Manage And Treat Pain Holistically – By Dr. Joseph Dubroff, ND – Naturopathic Doctor – Prolotherapy, Auto Immune Disorders, HCG Weight Loss, IV Nutritional Therapy, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Thyroid Disease Doctor – Carlsbad, Newport Beach, Ladera Ranch, San Diego County, California

A holistic system of medicine in pain management considers all aspects of the problem. Assessment usually means a thorough history, physical examination, diagnostic evaluation when necessary (MRI, X-ray, etc), metabolic assessment if necessary and the appropriate treatment.

Natural management of musculoskeletal pain has many options. Natural medicine always looks first to do no harm. By first exploring the safest, most effective treatments and only recommending more invasive or problematic treatments as these options our exhausted one can be assured of the quality of care. Too often individuals are started on strong medicines and if results are lacking surgical interventions are then recommended. Conventional practices are extremely useful medical applications, though first line therapy should be more conservative, where other options exist.

Musculoskeletal pain can have a very complex nature.  Nutrition has an impact on all aspects of the workings of your body. One aspect of nutrition that is important in pain management is the level of inflammation in your body.  The quality of your nutrition can dictate the general running of your body.  Some foods cause more inflammation then others, which one’s can be identified via a food allergy elimination trial or testing. Many people where told by their doctor that they don’t have food allergies based on skin testing.  This is often wrong in that immune reactions to foods are governed by different immune cells and all these testing aspects must be considered before one gets a clean bill of health concerning such possibilities.When the tissues are irritated by an allergic process or an excessive inflammatory process is present through poor nutrition a painful syndrome can be maintained.

Botanical and Nutritional Supplementation
NSAID use is the 16th leading cause of death in the states.  If these drugs are to be used it is wise to avoid the cause of the harm and use a transdermal application which will avoid the stomach and the irritation from an oral route.  Also there are natural alternatives to NSAIDs that have not been shown to have all the side effects of traditional medical NSAIDs.There are also natural products that could help with nerve pain such as the oil of St John’s Wart.Alternatives to alleviate the symptoms of pain in general such as capsicum ointments.There are many natural alternatives to different kinds of drugs; for instance aspirin was synthesized from willow bark

Classical homeopathy is a medicine that helps the body to heal by stimulating the system to mobilize its resources and make the appropriate changes necessary to bring about a resolution to what maintains the problem.  This is done through providing very minute safe preparations of a substance that would normally induce the problem and therefore can also cure the problem; Fighting Fire with Fire!While it is possible that some individual medicines “might” bring about relief for a given symptom generally that is not how homeopathy works.  The prescription needs to be custom tailored to the individual’s needs.  Homeopathy is often very useful in resolving pain syndromes.

It is important to keep up some level of movement that is appropriate considering your diagnosis and individual severity of that diagnosis.  When tissues become stagnant from inactivity they tend to have poor circulation, metabolism and neuromuscular settings (see Osteopathic Soft Tissue).  Muscular conditioning is an extension of this concept.  While general movement is crucial to stay at full health potential one can also increase the flexibility, strength and resilience of one’s body. A body in motion stays in motion and a body stagnant becomes more stagnant. 

Osteopathic manipulative medicine has pioneered many neuromuscular rebalancing treatments, such as strain counter strain (link my article on the subject), muscle energy release and cranial sacral therapy to name just a few. These treatments help to balance the neuromuscular connection. This connection is responsible for monitoring the tension and length of the muscles and therefore skeletal alignment as well. When sensors are set to inappropriate levels of tension and length they set up the body for repetitive sprains and strains and the development of chronic pains syndromes. Osteopathic techniques used in the hands of a natural practitioner are perfect to resolve such disruptive conditions.

Sciatica is a painful irritation of the sciatic nerve. Sciatic blocks can be performed using the pitcher plant (Sarapin-a completely safe and effective medicine) that produces amazing relief without the need for constant pain medication. Many pain docs find these and other trigger point type injections useful in lieu of Corticosteroid shots which are commonly believed to be harmful to the health of the body when repeatedly administered. Trigger point injections are used to break up tight painful muscles and deliver safe plant based anti-inflammatories.

Hydrotherapy is a great home treatment that can be used to transform a painful body into a pain-free body. Using alternating hot and cold water applications to increase circulation and metabolism, detoxify, transport oxygen and nutrients, clean up inflammation and debris we can heal the musculoskeletal system. This therapy stimulates a vital healing reaction within the core metabolism of your body via temperature dynamics. This therapy helps the neuromusculoskelatal system to get the nutrients and reprogramming they need to stabilize and perform movements without painful complications.

Prolotherapy is a very effective and safe procedure for the management of musculoskeletal pain. It involves the injection of dextrose, lidocaine and bacteriostatic water into injured ligaments and tendons. The treatment stimulates the growth of these tissues and therefore increases the stability and strength of the many connections of the musculoskeletal system. Research has shown prolotherapy to be very effective when used by a trained doctor. A look at clinical studies demonstrates the therapy to work where ligaments and tendons are injured.

Natural medicine offers many safe alternatives to conventional anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and analgesics. The botanical Papaver somniferum (Opium_poppy), which the powerful pain killer morphine came from, is the perfect example. The plant Willow is the original acetylsalicylic acid used to synthesize aspirin .

With growing concern for the side effects of Non-steroidal_anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), the addictive nature of the class of Analgesic drugs commonly referred to as “pain killers” and Failed_back_syndrome (poor surgical outcomes) it is a wise consumer of health care who seeks out alternatives to conventional methods of managing musculoskeletal pain.

To learn more about Dr. Dubroff and his Treatments Please to go: www.holisticsolutionsdoc.com or Call: 949.444.4884

Each Day, We Publish Orginal Articles Written By Experts In The Fields Of Anti-Aging, Orthomolecular Medicine, Functional Medicine,Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Nutrition, Prevention, Holistic Healing, Regenerative Medicine And More!

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Our wonderful website is filled with amazing Doctors and Practitioners who devote their lives to helping others. Most of these experts are not only extraordinary healers, they are also fantastic educators in their respective fields. Our Site is filled with hundreds of articles covering topics from "How To Heal Your Thyroid Naturally" to "How to Heal Cancer". Please take a minute to search our site and read an article or two. Our goal is to inspire you to lead your healthiest life possible and to also get the real healing help you may need. Even if you don't need help, perhaps you know someone who does. If this is the case, tell them about our website so that they can be led to someone who can help them truly get better.

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The 5 Best Exercises For Weight Loss & All You Need Is 15 Minutes, 3 Days A Week! By Noelle Quero – Holistic Health Advocate, Nutrition Writer

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Trust me, no one is innately more lazy than me when it comes to exercise. I admitted long ago to myself that exercise will never be that much fun. Sure, I enjoy bike riding, tennis, swimming, dancing, yoga, etc. But I will never be that person eagerly waking up to get an early morning jog in, like my husband for example. On a daily basis I am constantly reminded of the inherent differences between  him and I. Namely the fact that he has been self-motivated to fit exercise into his day, in some form or another, for over 20 years. Running, boxing, biking, cross training, and now his latest goal; training for the New York City Marathon in November. He decided that he would enter the race, raise the required $2,500.00 in donations for a favorite charity, (which he did) and now the training’s begun. He just made up his mind, decided he could go from doing an average run of 3-5 miles, a few times a week, to being able to run 26 miles! Yesterday he ran 16 miles and said he could have done more if it weren’t so hot. What?! How is this possible? I don’t know. I have a very hard time relating to his internal drive for exercise.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have internal drive, motivation, discipline and determination in spades, and am pretty good at applying these qualities to most other aspects of my life. But, there is a part of my brain that just shuts down when it comes to exercise, no matter how amazing I always feel when I’m done. I totally get that endorphin “high” exercise enthusiasts get after an intense workout or run. So, these 5 exercise recommendations are totally for you, if you are anything like me, an admitted lazy exerciser. We all have 15 minutes a day, and it’s amazing how little you need to do in order to make a huge impact on your muscle tone and metabolism, if you are doing the RIGHT exercises. After studying health and nutrition for 12 years, I know a few things are 100% true. Eating the right, healthy foods for your body will totally speed up your metabolism, help balance your hormones and keep your immune system strong. And, exercising SMART, not necessarily for long periods of time, will also speed up your metabolism, build muscle tone, help regulate your hormones, keep your brain and body healthy and keep your immune system strong. So, no excuses ok? If I can do it, ANYONE can do it! Here they are.

Five best exercises for weight loss

Exercise is a weight loss booster as it accelerates burning of calories and the fastest mean to burn fat and lose weight. You can choose exercise according to your body type for losing weight from specific areas like glutes, thighs, belly etc. Playing sports or lifting weight is equivalently beneficial in dropping some extra pounds from the body. More muscles induce higher metabolic rate and exercise helps build muscle for you to burn more calories while resting.

The idea behind losing weight with exercise is to cut down on accumulated fat. As our body needs fuel for daily functioning we have to eat a certain amount of calories to meet the requirement. Diet can make us lose weight but exercise accelerates the weight loss process. Balanced diet with exercise is the best combination for weight loss. Start your exercise plan according to your body type and shape up your self from losing the hanging belly to bulging biceps and a toned body.

Shake yourself and get started with your exercise plan for quick weight loss and define your own body. Here are some exercises for weight loss.

Planks: Start your exercise routine with plank exercises as it warms  up the body while stabilizing the muscles. Planks are one of the best exercise for building abs and building core strength. Core is required in anything that we do from lifting, walking etc. Strong core with help  move the body with ease and be active for intense workouts. Most of us have hanging bellies which start getting conditioned and toned with plank exercise. Include side planks to further increase the benefits.

Squats: Toned legs get many eyeballs rolling and squats are a super exercise to work the legs. Less people work on their lower body which makes the body look uneven. Toned legs will give you a stronger, more confident walk. Squats work the entire body and can be done in variations. It tones and burns fat in the glutes, thighs and hamstring areas. You can use weights to make squats intense or can do it using body. Check whether you are doing the right posture otherwise you could complain for back ache.

Push ups: The exercise works the upper body and increases the strength of forearms, wrist, upper arms, shoulders and chest. They accelerate the blood flow in the body and improves heart health. Using various grips like diamond pushups, close grip, wide grip benefit and work different muscle in the upper body. If you are a woman you can do women pushups to slowly strengthen your upper body.

Russian Twist: If fat on your sides and belly is troubling you and you want to increase your endurance  then do Russian Twist. This exercise works the core and obliques working for a flat and defined waist and stomach. Include the exercise in your routine and burn fat around you belly. Use swiss balls to hold between your hands to increase the intensity of the exercise.

Bur pees: It is a great aerobic exercise that works the entire body and tests your guts too. It involves your legs, back, torso, neck and arms. It involves in jumping, squatting and stretching in one exercise. It accelerates the calorie burn as it involves many muscles and involves lots of fast movements. To intensify the exercise set time limit to perform a definite number of repetitions.