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Insights To Health Clinic – Dr. Christie Winkelman, ND, MA and Dr. Gil Winkelman, ND, MA and Dr. Brooke Huffman, ND – Naturopathic Doctor – Allergies, Sleep Disorders, Anxiety, Weight Loss, Digestive Disorders, Thyroid Disease, Autism, ADHD, Infertility – Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington

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Insights To Health Clinic – Dr. Christie Winkelman, ND, MA and Dr. Gil Winkelman, ND, MA and Dr. Brooke Huffman, ND - Naturopathic Doctor – Allergies, Sleep Disorders, Anxiety, Weight Loss, Digestive Disorders, Thyroid Disease, Autism, ADHD, Infertility – Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington

Christie Winkelman, ND, MA

Dr. Christie Winkelman provides insightful, attentive health care with the goal of helping you to re-discover your physical and emotional health– and thus your joy and purpose in life. She has been in the healthcare field since 1992, first as a psychotherapist and later as a Naturopathic physician– and is the owner, with her husband Dr. Gil Winkelman, of Insights to Health Clinic.  Together they are also the founders and owners of iCaduceus: The Clinician’s Alternative, the premier web-based Naturopathic medical resource in North America.  She is a frequent TV health expert; view her most recent appearance.

Licensed as a primary care physician in Oregon, Dr. Winkelman treats adults and children with any acute or chronic health problem, including but not limited tocancer, allergies, hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety, arthritis, autism, and ADHD. In addition to naturopathic therapies, she also offers neurofeedback for adults and children when indicated.  Dr. Winkelman's comprehensive, systems-based approach focuses on creating a state of health and balance within the human organism. Her blend of medical and psychological expertise makes her approach to healing unique within Portland and the United States. 

Dr. Winkelman believes that even more important than a diagnosis or treatment plan are the insights that you will have regarding how to best elicit your own environment of health and happiness: it is these insights which will keep you engaged in the healing process. With this in mind, she creates a calm and welcoming atmosphere in which these insights may be experienced and acted upon.

Although she will help alleviate your symptoms, Dr. Winkelman only uses symptom management as a temporary strategy. As a long-term strategy, and with the goal of helping you to heal yourself and gain lifetime health, she focuses unrelentingly on identifying and modifying the factors and imbalances which actually caused your symptoms. Due to her experience in counseling psychology, Dr. Winkelman takes your personality, lifestyle, and support network into consideration when customizing your treatment. In her work with children she allies with parents to provide a positive atmosphere of change for the entire family.

Dr. Winkelman develops a close partnership with her patients. Through compassion, inspiration, encouragement, and practical support she motivates you to reach not only your goals for your health but your goals for your life. Her patients enjoy her warmth, sense of humor, and her ability to see to the heart of any situation. If you are ready to become an active participant in restoring and maintaining the health and well-being you deserve, please call or email the office for an appointment.

Additional training and experience:

In addition to her experience with patients, Dr. Winkelman has taught healthcare professionals, including MDs, psychologists, educators, and counselors, both at Portland State University and in various national conference presentations, on the topics of maintaining joy and avoiding burnout in the human service professions and cultivating intuition and humanity in the practice of medicine. A published author, she is a past faculty member of the Psychology of Mind Training Institute and was mentored in psychology by the founder of Health Realization Psychology, George Pransky, Ph.D.  

Dr. Winkelman is especially skilled in a specialized system of healing which utilizes basic lifestyle habits in conjunction with extremely effective therapies which help the body to heal itself. This system–which takes advantage of the best that homeopathy and botanical medicine have to offer–takes into account the complex physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual milieu of each patient to produce lasting balance and health. As a medical student, she was chosen for an extended mentoring relationship by the leading North American authority in this method: Dick Thom, DDS, ND, and has completed many hours of study, seminars, and clinical work within this system.

As a result of encountering infertility, Dr. Winkelman began her own personal health journey in 1998. She now has two beautiful children and shares a love of medicine and psychology with her husband. Drs. Gil and Christie live in Southwest Portland with their son, Eli, and daughter, Amelia, and enjoy supporting the health of the local and greater Portland community. An avid equestrienne, Dr. Winkelman can be found grooming, riding, and feeding herbs to her horse most days of the week.

Education/ Affiliations/ Presentations:

Dr. Winkelman holds a B.A. cum laude and with high honors in Psychology from Smith College, an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, and an N.D. from the National College of Natural Medicine.  A member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and the Oregon Psychological Association, she speaks frequently to groups both large and small within Portland and the United States. She is a past board of member of Portlandia, a group of women dedicated to contributing to the well-being of all women in Portland, is a mentor resource for Dress for Success of Oregon, and trains medical students through a rotation program based at Insights to Health.

Gil Winkelman, ND, MA

From an early age, Dr. Gil Winkelman revealed a passion for medicine and a desire to uncover the mind-body-spirit connection. That passion drives him to help patients resolve the cause of their health concerns and create optimal wellbeing and longevity. Dr. Winkelman received his B.A. in Genetics from the University of California at Berkeley, an M.A. in Counseling from JFK University, and his N.D. from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland. His work as a licensed Naturopathic physician utilizes his unique educational background by allowing him to address both the genetic and psychological aspects impacting the health of his patients.

Dr. Winkelmans focus is on understanding each of his patients personal traits and health history to customize treatments, lifestyle changes, and exercise routines that have the maximum possible impact. With a focus on neurological (brain) health, he uses a combination of neurofeedback and natural treatments to help patients with a variety of conditions including, but not limited to: migraines, Crohns disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety, arthritis, Aspergers, OCD, ADD/ADHD, and Radical Attachment Disorder.  Dr. Winkelman was trained in Neurofeedback by BCIA certified practitioners and utilizes the most up-to-date equipment in his practice. He has worked with Gulf-War Veterans with traumatic head injury and was a keynote speaker at the 2010 Annual Pacific NW Brain Injury Conference, hosted by the Brain Injury Association of Oregon. He is also a contributing writer foriCaduceus: The Clinicians Alternative, the premiere web-based alternative medical resource.

Dr. Brooke Huffman

Brooke Huffman, ND, is a licensed naturopathic physician committed to providing high quality care for women, men, and children at each stage of life. She is passionate about creating strong relationships with her patients and assisting each individual in his or her personal path toward optimal health.

Dr. Huffman brings in-depth training in behavioral health, homeopathy and naturopathic cardiology. She is also a practitioner of both biotherapeutic drainage and neurofeedback, two of the celebrated treatment modalities used at Insights to Health to achieve consistently superior health-enhancing results.

As a counselor and physician, Dr. Huffman recognizes the importance of treating the whole person: mind, body and spirit. Because she has confidence in the body’s innate ability to heal itself, Dr. Huffman works with patients to remove obstacles to health as a primary means of restoring balance and well being. She sees herself as a patient advocate, offering empowerment through education.  Raised in south Florida, Dr. Huffman developed a love for nature as a young child. She earned her B.A. and B.S. from The Evergreen State College, received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine, and is a member of the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Dr. Huffman lives on a small urban farm in NE Portland and enjoys organic gardening, hiking, meditation, and yoga.

Because Health is more than the Absence of Disease

Insights to Health provides full-service holistic care for people of all ages. We dedicate our specialized expertise, compassionate approach, and natural medicine treatments to allow you to live your best life.   First, we invest time in knowing and


<a href="http://www.insightstohealth.net/approach>understanding the health challenges</a>you face. We then combine<a data-cke-saved-href=" http:="" www.insightstohealth.net="" therapies"="">We also offer neurofeedback. Find out more here

Common Conditions Seen at Insights to Health

At Insights to Health, our focus is on you and on finding the reason for the symptoms you are experiencing. As such, we feel it is inaccurate to say that we treat conditions, which are just groupings of symptoms. Rather, we work to create lasting biochemical and physiological balance. When you are balanced, symptoms naturally resolve because the true cause underlying them has been addressed. This balance further creates the potential for lasting health and wellness. With that said, what follows are conditions commonly seen and successfully addressed by the physicians at Insights to Health.


Anxiety or nervousness can manifest in many ways. It is often associated with other health problems, such as digestive distress, muscle tension, depression, headaches, insomnia, hormonal problems, weight gain, concentration issues, or pain. 

Even more than other problems, anxiety affects quality of life, making it difficult to enjoy pleasurable activities, to stay calm and be present with family members, and to function optimally at work and make good decisions.  In addition, when a person experiences anxiety regularly, relationships are often affected, due to altered communication patterns. Long term, it creates stress in the body that can eventually lead to a downward health spiral.

At Insights to Health, we are pleased to offer the Calm+ program, which is appropriate to people who suffer from mild to severe anxiety. This program has grown out of many years of working with people to reduce their anxiety, improve their health, meet their personal goals, and enjoy life to the fullest.

We use our unique blend of counseling training and backgrounds, as well as our medical experience, to offer comprehensive treatment to heal the areas of your body and brain which are causing your particular  experience of anxiety, as well as other related health challenges. Instead of just treating the symptom of anxiety, your health and well-being is optimized.  In most cases, the use of pharmaceutical medications can be either avoided or gradually reduced and eventually eliminated.  Botanical treatments, nutritional recommendations, counseling, biotherapeutic drainage, neurofeedback, and biofeedback are all employed to bring you back to balance so that you can be at your best in all areas of your life!  

Please call oremail for more information, or to request an appointment with an Insights to Health Clinic physician.

21 Day Detox Program

Get ready to lose weight, eliminate cravings, and reset brain function for long-term weight success!   Our unique 21-Day Weight Loss and Detoxification program is offered in the context of improving your total health.  We have helped over 300 patients lose an average of 25 pounds each on this program (from a range of 7 to 80 pounds).  Maintenance rates have been excellent, due to our comprehensive, mind-body approach of long-term support and education.


Lose an average of one pound per day of fat (instead of muscle) for men, five pounds a week for women.

Increase energy, focus, and sleep quality.

Eliminate cravings while eating nutrient-rich foods.

Stabilization and Maintenance phases follow the weight loss phase to ensure long term success; these include resetting your brain to your new setpoint and helping you to learn which foods cause you, as an individual, to gain weight.

Address health problems that are related to excess weight, such as hormonal issues, thyroid imbalances, blood sugar dysregulation, chronic pain, stress, high blood pressure, digestive distress,anxiety, fatigue, and high cholesterol.

Program may be extended for loss over 20 lbs.

Insurance may cover some costs and long distance patients may be eligible–please call us for details.

Our 21-Day Weight Loss and Detox Program has been enabling men to lose an average of seven pounds per week, and women five pounds per week, while often improving energy levels and mental focus. Whether you have 10 pounds to lose, or 100, this program can work for you. & Our program targets fat loss instead of the muscle loss common with other programs, a distinction important for being able to keep the weight off long term.  This unique, medically supervised program supports and improves your ability to get back into balance, lose weight, and feel and look your best.  We then give you the knowledge and support you need to stay in optimal health and keep the weight off forever!  Long-distance patients may be accepted, and insurance can often be billed. Please call our office today at 503.501.5001 with questions, or to click to schedule online.

(Patients may extend the initial 21 day period to 40 days if they have more than 20 pounds to lose; after that period, a break is taken and then the second round can be initiated for those wanting to lose over 30-40 pounds).

Please click here for our FAQ regarding the detox program. ***





Ankle Sprain/Strain





Autoimmune Disease

Back Pain



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Pain




Crohn's Disease









Graves Disease

HeadachesHeart Disease

Hip Sprain/Strain

High Cholesterol








Interstitial Cystitis

Knee Sprain/Strain





Muscular and Myofascial Pain



Ovarian Cysts


Plantar Fascitis

Post Traumatic Stress




Rotator Cuff Strain

Shin Splints




Traumatic Brain Injury

Urinary Tract Infections

Weight Loss

Wrist Sprain/Strain

Yeast Infections

How To Tell If Your Depression Is Psychological or Biochemical – Excerpts From The Book “7 Weeks To Sobriety” – By Orthomolecular Medicine, Orthomolecular Psychiatry, Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment, Alcohol Dependency, Medication Detoxification,Chemical Dependency, Depression and Anxiety – Minneapolis, Minnesota

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How To Tell If Your Depression Is Psychological or Biochemical – Excerpts From The Book "7 Weeks To Sobriety"By Joan Matthews Larson – Orthomolecular Medicine, Orthomolecular Psychiatry, Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment, Alcohol Dependency, Medication Detoxification,Chemical Dependency, Depression and Anxiety – Minneapolis, Minnesota

How to Tell if Your Depression Is Psychological or Biochemical

Biochemical depression has certain symptoms that distinguish it from the depression stemming from negative life events. You have reason to suspect that you are biochemically depressed if any of the markers listed below describes your depression:

  • You have been depressed for a long time despite changes in your life
  • Talk therapy has little or no effect; in fact, psychological probing– questions like "Why do you hate your father?"–leave you as confused as Alice at the Mad Hatter's tea party
  • You don't react to good news
  • You awaken very early in the morning and can't get back to sleep
  • You cannot trace the onset of your depression to any event in your life
  • Your moods may swing between depression and elation over a period of months in a regular rhythm (this suggests bipolar, or manic-depressive, disorder)
  • Heavy drinking makes your depression worse

How Serious Is Your Depression?

As important as identifying the cause of your depression is determining the depth of your feelings. If you often have suicidal thoughts, please confide in your physician and a close friend or relative. You will recover, but in your present state you need the support of someone you trust. Share this information and together do the detective work needed to discover what is responsible for your continued depression. 

The Seven Kinds of Alcoholic Depression

As I noted earlier, at HRC we have identified seven sources of biochemical depression affecting alcoholics:

  • Neurotransmitter depletion
  • Unavailability of prostaglandin E1
  • Vitamin/mineral deficiency
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Food and chemical allergies
  • Candida-related complex.

Where do you fit in? Let's begin with the most likely biochemical scenario.


Neurotransmitter Depletion and Depression

In earlier reading of this website you became acquainted with neurotransmitters-the natural chemicals that facilitate communication between brain cells. These substances govern our emotions, memory, moods, behavior, sleep, and learning abilities. Neurotransmitters are manufactured in the brain from the amino acids we extract from foods and their supply is entirely dependent on the presence of these precursor amino acids.

Alcohol destroys these essential precursor amino acids, which is probably why alcoholics seem so emotionally muddled and depressed. Without adequate amino-acid conversion, neurotransmitters are no longer produced in sufficient amounts; this deficiency causes "emotional" symptoms, including depression.

The two major neurotransmitters involved in preventing depression are serotonin (converted from the amino acid L-tryptophan) and norepinephrine (converted from the amino acids L-phenylalanine and L-tyrosine). You can resupply these vital neurotransmitters and reverse depression by taking daily amino-acid supplements.

Your symptoms will determine which amino acid you will take for depression: tryptophan if your symptoms are sleeplessness, anxiety or irritability; L-tyrosine or L-phenylalanine if your symptoms a lethargy, fatigue, sleeping too much, or feelings of immobility.  

Tryptophan to Serotonin

The amino acid tryptophan, found in large amounts in milk and turkey, is the nutrient needed to form serotonin, which controls moods, sleep, sex drive, appetite, and pain threshold. Eating disorders and violent behavior have also been traced to serotonin depletion. Replacing serotonin can lift depression and end insomnia. In one notable study, a medical researcher in Holland demonstrated that a combination of tryptophan (2 grams nightly) and vitamin B6 (125 milligrams three times a day) could restore patients with anxiety-type depression to normal in four weeks. Depression accompanied by anxiety and sleep disturbances is most likely to respond to tryptophan.

New research (1997) from McGill University in Montreal has found that men produce 52 percent more serotonin than do women. This in-formation seems to explain why more women than men appear to experience a shortage of this critical chemical that modulates moods and so are more likely to suffer from depression and/or eating disorders.

Until the U.S. Food and Drug Administration prohibited the manufacture and sale of tryptophan in the United States in the fall of 1989, we used it for ten years at HRC without any ill effects. This amino acid has also been widely used in England and Canada. In 1989, however, a number of deaths and illnesses in the United States were traced to batches of tryptophan manufactured in Japan. In response, the FDA removed tryptophan from the U.S. market. The FDA has finally allowed this essential amino acid to be restored to baby food and also has made it available by prescription only. Unfortunately, the price of it has now quadrupled.

Tryptophan is now available at Bio-Recovery

Tryptophan is not a drug. It is an essential amino acid much needed to support life and sanity. In an interesting coincidence, Prozac made its first appearance within days of the ban on tryptophan. Now there is a whole family of serotonin-stimulating drugs, but none of them can create more serotonin; they can only speed its firing into the brain and partially block the reuptake into the neurotransmitters, and so the low levels of serotonin in those neurotransmitters are slowly becoming even more depleted.

At HRC almost everyone comes into our program taking one of the serotonin-firing antidepressants (Zoloft, Paxil, Desyrel, Serzone). Our physician switches them to the natural serotonin precursor, tryptophan, which promptly restores the missing serotonin levels. Usually the firing mechanism works fine; the problem was that it simply has had very little serotonin to fire.

Here are the guidelines for substituting tryptophan for a serotonin enhancing drug:

  • Tryptophan alone will not be converted to serotonin. To insure that it is properly used, you must also take vitamin C and vitamin B6 (Table 25, Seven Weeks to Sobriety).
  • Tryptophan is converted to niacin before its final conversion into serotonin. If your body is deficient in niacin, the tryptophan you take will supply you with niacin, not serotonin. For this reason, it is a good idea to take a B-complex vitamin daily. This will give you both vitamin B6 and niacin and allow the tryptophan to be converted to serotonin.
  • Inositol changes into a substance that regulates serotonin's effectiveness within nerve cells. A recent (1997) study confirms its effectiveness with depression. Therefore, we include inositol in this formula.

Of all the amino acids, tryptophan is least able to cross the blood-brain barrier. It must pass this biological hurdle in order to be converted to serotonin. You can give it a nudge by taking it in fruit juice. This will trigger insulin release, which will assist the tryptophan across the blood-brain barrier. Always take your tryptophan on an empty stomach.  


Seven Weeks to Sobriety


When her teenage son committed suicide after completing a three-month alcohol rehabilitation program, Joan Mathews Larson turned her devastating loss into a search for answers. Why had conventional treatment failed her son? Why has understanding alcoholism as a disease become clearer, while advances in treatment have not? Through painstaking study, Dr. Larson found answers and initiated a revolutionary treatment program that has become one of the most successful models ever developed for this disease. Her findings are the basis for her best selling book, Seven Weeks to Sobriety, making it possible for millions to have access to this proven program.

The book’s breakthrough self-treatment program is designed to take an alcoholic from addiction to sobriety in just seven weeks. Based on the format developed at Health Recovery Center in Minneapolis, psychological problems (mood swings, anxiety, depression) are proved to be distortions of brain chemistry brought on by alcohol use or genetics; thus treatment involves stabilizing the brain at a molecular level by utilizing specific “biochemical repair.”

To purchase the book “Seven Weeks to Sobriety”

Excerpts from Joan’s best selling books Seven Weeks to Sobriety and

Depression Free, Naturally.

To read more about Joan Matthews Larson and the Health Recovery Center, Please Go Here. You can also see her Videos on My Healthiest Life TV. Joan Matthews Larson is also an expert contributor to My Healthiest Life.


New Hope for Families and Sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis – Reversing the Risk Factors – By Dr. C. E. Gant, MD, PhD – Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Holistic Medicine – Washington D.C., New York, California, Florida, Nationwide

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Outside world

New Hope for Families and Sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis – Reversing the Risk Factors – By Dr. C. E. Gant, MD, PhD – Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Holistic Medicine – Washington D.C., New York, California, Florida, Nationwide

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory, severe, usually progressive, autoimmune, demyelinating, mildly inheritable disease of the central nervous system which many studies suggest is rapidly increasing in prevalence and incidence (1). The earliest symptoms of MS include psychological distress, fatigue, numbness, impaired vision, loss of balance, weakness and even bladder dysfunction, and they usually begin in early adulthood.

With conventional management of MS, these symptoms can wax and wane for up to 30 years, but in roughly 50% of all cases MS steadily progresses to severe disability and premature death killing about 3,000 Americans a year. MS is named for the many scars it produces in the brain and spinal cord as white blood cells (T cells) attack the myelin insulation around neurons. MS afflicts between 250,000 and 350,000 Americans per year.

Drug therapies can slow progression of MS but usually cannot put it into prolonged remission. The multiplicity of probable or proven risk factors – toxic (e.g., heavy metals), infectious (e.g., herpes), psycho-emotional, gastro-intestinal, allergic (e.g., gluten), lifestyle and nutritional – risk factors which undoubtedly worsen MS, and the power of integrative medicine to neutralize such causalities, should offer new hope for MS sufferers. For example, long-term, hyperbaric oxygen therapy alone has been shown to slow or remit the disease (2, 3) and applying hyperbaric oxygen simultaneously with nutritional intravenous therapies (NIHA Relox therapy) is likely to accelerate healing of MS even more.

Advances in Functional Medicine (Academy of Functional Medicine) and Genomics (4) should excite even more hope for those suffering from MS as well as their families, because now the unique, toxic, infectious, cognitive-emotional, gastro-intestinal, allergic, endocrine, lifestyle and nutritional risk factors in each individual can be sorted out.

Through state-of-the-art, laboratory, diagnostic testing, Functional Medicine and Predictive Genomics allows clinicians and patients to co-design a long term recovery plan which focuses on reversing the specific risk factors in each unique patient with MS. By targeting treatment to specific risk factors, instead of guessing based on statistically possible factors or clinical hunches, a wide array of possible causative risk factors can be honed down to several likely candidates, thus saving money, lessening side effects and increasing efficacy.

If you would like more information on an Integrative and Functional Medicine approach to MS, contact us and/or read the Medline-published review by Dr. Parris Kidd (5).


(1) http://www.neurology.org/content/58/1/136.abstract

(2) Fischer BH, Marks M, Reich T. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment of multiple sclerosis. New Engl J Med 1983;308:181-186.

(3) Perrins DJD, James PB. Long-term study on hyperbaric oxygenation for multiple sclerosis. Bedford, United Kingdom: Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centers; 1996.

(4) http://www.gdx.net/core/patient-brochures/Genomics-Brochure.pdf

(5) Parris M. Kidd, PhD (2001) Multiple Sclerosis, An Autoimmune Inflammatory Disease: Prospects for its Integrative Management, Alternative Medicine Review, Volume 6,

Number 6.

Dr. C.E. Gant is a featured contributor on My Healthiest Life. To read more about Dr. C.E Gant and/or to learn more about the Academy of Functional Medicine, Just Go Here:


Dr. C. E. Gant, MD, PhD – Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Holistic Medicine – Washington D.C., New York, California, Florida, Nationwide

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Dr. C. E. Gant, MD, PhD – Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Holistic Medicine – Washington D.C., New York, California, Florida, Nationwide

About Dr. Gant

Functional Medicine , Predictive Genomics and Psychotherapy

Practice Philosophy:
Functional Medicine is a way to determine the underlying biochemical causes/risk factors of all medical and psychological disorders, and I meld nutritional, detoxification and standard medical care with mindfulness-based psychotherapies to provide an authentic, holistic (mind, body & spirit) approach to care.

Areas of Focus:
Non-pharmaceutical natural options for AD/HDAddiction/Substance Abuse  (drug, alcohol, nicotine addiction), and Mood Disorders (depression, anxiety). Supporting the body with natural remedies.

Formal Training/Education:

B.S. in Chemistry – Hampden-Sydney College

M.D. – University of Virginia Medical School

Postgraduate Training in Family Practice, Psychiatry and Psychology  (Ph.D)

Watch Dr. Gant's video interview on The Integrative Medicine Experience

Dr. Gant specializes in Functional Medicine and Predictive Genomics (gene testing). By defining his patient's unique biochemical and genetic risk factors, he is able to address many root causes of their chronic medical and psychological problems. Dr. Gant also integrates mindfulness-based psychotherapies to address psychospiritual issues.

Dr. CE Gant has practiced Functional Medicine , Holistic and Integrative Medicine and Psychotherapy for  over 36 years. While in private practice and while serving in medical directorships and consultancies to many clinics and hospitals in the Central New York area over decades, Dr. Gant instituted and perfected various integrative treatment regimens of nutritional therapy, detoxification, neurotransmitter, hormonal and metabolic rebalancing, and mindfulness-based, reconstructive psychotherapies, to support the recoveries of his patients from all kinds of common, chronic medical and psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Gant has treated many kinds of medical disorders such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, but a significant portion of his work has focused on natural, drug-free treatments for brain disorders such as AD/HD, Addiction (prescription drugs, tobacco, alcohol, other drugs), and Mood Disorders (depression). His work spanning most of 4 decades is summarized in various publications such as the books: ADD and ADHD: Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM) Solutions (2008- 2nd edition),End Your Addiction Now (2010- Square One Publishers)End Nicotine Addiction Now (2010- 2nd edition), and ADHD (Attentional Disintegration of Hurt and Distress) Therapies, Basic Concepts in Integrative, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (2003).  He teaches these topics via lectures, workshops and webinar trainings (see: www.AcademyofFunctionalMedicine.com.)

Dr. CE Gant's philosophy. Dr. Gant concentrates most intensively on the molecular aspects of care because of the astonishing paucity of such therapeutic opportunities for those suffering from causative nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, neurotransmitter, hormonal/metabolic abnormalities, and genetic vulnerabilities to all of the above. Amassed scientific research strongly suggests that the solutions to alcohol, tobacco and drug addiction (#1 cause of death and disability), to common mental disorders such as AD/HD, depression and anxiety, and to most chronic medical disorders, awaits us at the molecular level of understanding. Rather than merely covering up symptoms with drugs, we should be using a science-based, diagnostic approach to precisely identify and reverse the molecular causes of psychological and physical suffering. Dr. Gant has been branded a "healer" but he believes that identification with  such egotistical labels is limiting. He does not envision healing as an end unto itself, however well perfected certain methodologies become. Instead he sees healing as a means to an end, because the longer we can stay reasonably healthy and enjoy mental clarity, the more potential we have to discover a spiritual purpose for being alive and functional, and to joyfully share our human experience with others.


First Priority in Providing Health Care

Diagnose and Treat the Root Biochemical Causes of Suffering

For nearly 4 decades I have provided “healthcare” for 10s of thousands of patients. In my opinion, authentic “care” entails taking the time and making the effort to deeply understand the root, unique, physical causes of each patient’s suffering. I have become skilled at reversing chronic medical and psychiatric disorders because I address the actual biochemical causes, but I would never label myself as a healer. I only facilitate a release of my patient’s biochemical potential for self-healing, which is already written into the very fabric of their 100+ trillion cells. Practitioners who define themselves as “healers” could not possess such knowledge about our vast, innate, self-regulating capacity to heal, and they must consequently limit their capacity to provide authentic “care.”

The knowledge originating from providing decades of health “care” has led me to realize that the so-called “healthcare crisis” is a crisis of ignorance, a preoccupation with diagnostic labels and diseases which somehow magically “just happen” without well-defined causes. I “care” to much about my patients to allow them to suffer from this delusion, so one of my first tasks as a healthcare provider is to make it clear that all chronic diseases, maladies, disorders and illnesses are merely fantasized labels for various types of mental and physical suffering that we had invented over the ages before we had the science to know what the underlying causes actually were. Now that the physical causes of most diseases are well known, I “care-fully” and urgently suggest to my patients, practitioners and now to you, that we all break through this ignorance and achieve far better outcomes than we are currently getting.

The healthcare field uniquely epitomizes a level of ignorance which I have not seen in other walks of life. For example, highway engineers would never describe a breakdown of transportation infrastructure in terms of certain “bridge diseases” or “road disorders.” Instead, they would describe that breakdown in terms of the infrastructure’s composition, such as the wear and tear on its constitutional steel, concrete and asphalt. Furthermore, they would describe certain factors which are “toxic” to the longevity of our roads and bridges, such as salt and extreme weather conditions, and suggest methods for limiting those “aging” effects. Why has the healthcare system failed to define health problems in this way?

Essential Molecules

Essentially, the infrastructure of your body is made of certain classes of molecules: 20+ amino acids (from protein), several essential fatty acids (e.g., omega 3’s from fish oil), essential vitamins, essential minerals, oxygen, fiber, water, sunlight (photons are particles too) and enzymes (from raw foods like uncooked fruit). Note that these are essential, which implies that if any of these are deficient enough, the basic mechanisms underlying life must (by definition) breakdown, and symptoms, maladies, illnesses, disorders and diseases must occur.

Functional Medicine Testing

Out of “caring” for my patient’s “health,” I must not let this happen, so I routinely order functional medicine testing to diagnose precisely what is deficient in each and every patient, and then replenish those missing, essential items. (seewww.AcademyofFunctionalMedicine.com,www.FunctionalMedicine.org and www.HealthSolutionCenter.com)

More importantly, I also order in-depth, diagnostic testing for toxins (AKA – “Toxic Load”), which accelerate a breakdown of my patient’s infrastructure, contributing to the appearance of symptoms and “diseases,” accelerating aging and causing premature death. If you cared for someone being poisoned, would you sit idly by and let it happen? How can we practitioners let this happen under the guise of providing “care?” And since medications are also contributing toxins, mostly prescribed to merely cover up symptoms, I am interested in eventually detoxifying those as well, so that my patient’s innate, self-healing mechanisms can be restored.

Some of the classes of toxins which I routinely test for and address are:

1) All drugs, especially addictive, brain-injurious, psychotropic chemicals (alcohol, tobacco, illicit or prescribed chemicals).

2) Heavy metals, especially mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead.

3) Mycotoxins (myco = mold or fungus toxins, derived from chronic intestinal, sinus infections, toxic living environments).

4) Toxic, allergy-causing food proteins.

5) Environmental toxins, especially petrochemicals (toxins from solvents, cleaners and petroleum products) and halogens (chlorine, fluorine and bromine).

6) Toxins derived from chronic infections such as Lyme, gastrointestinal organisms (unfriendly bacteria and parasites), dental toxins (abscessed root canals and implants).

7) Junk-food toxins, especially trans fats and all processed carbohydrates (also addictive).

8 ) Polluted air and water (requires air and water purifiers).

9) EM pollution (EM = ElectroMagnetic – microwaves, fluorescent lighting, generators).


A third important class of molecules which contributes to a healthy functioning of our body’s and brain’s infrastructure are the cell-to-cell communicators called neurotransmitters and hormones, which are synthesized from nutrients. If these are imbalanced or deficient, especially during certain hormonally stressful periods of life, like menopause or when my patients use drugs, take medications and/or abuse alcohol, I routinely replenish these natural (bio-identical), “feel good” molecules to help stabilize their mood, clear thinking, attentiveness and function.

How could I let my patients struggle through life with easily correctable depression, anxiety and AD/HD and continue to call myself a competent, caring doctor? Why would I prescribe bizarre, psychotropic chemicals with serious side effects when natural interventions are safer, less expensive, sustainable and more effective?

Genetic Testing

Finally, some of my patients suffer from a fourth infrastructure problem – genetic quirks (called polymorphisms) – which interfere with their proper utilization of nutrients listed above, with their detoxification abilities and with their optimal synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters. Genetic testing is especially useful when nutritional repletion, detoxification and neurotransmitter/hormonal balancing is unsuccessful, which is unusual. To “care” for my patients means to fully understand them, and I am compelled to go the extra mile and understand their genetic vulnerabilities too. Genetic testing can be an integral part of that care in some patients.

Warning! Unless specially trained, your healthcare practitioner is not functional medicine competent. They probably don’t know how to diagnose or treat the underlying causes of chronic medical and psychiatric disorders. Your doctor was probably trained like me, to prescribe toxic chemicals (drugs) to cover up the symptoms caused by these root determinants of chronic diseases described above, or to perform surgery or radiation therapies (e.g., poison, cut and burn respectively), all of which can be life saving technologies for the very worst, acute or end-stage breakdown of one’s infrastructure.

But if you actually cared for someone, would you only offer to cut, burn or poison them? Would you only declare war on their bodies or would you also look for sustainable, diplomatic solutions?

TV and Hollywood shows such as Bones and Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCSI) have popularized the power of functional medicine testing in solving crimes. Strangely, these powerful technologies are not taught to healthcare practitioners to “catch” the culprits causing chronic medical and psychiatric problems!

However, they are becoming increasingly available in a direct-to-consumer testing format (e.g., www.labcorp.com), so that smart consumers like you don’t have to wait several decades for the over-regulation-stymied and pharmaceutical-profit-obsessed healthcare system to catch up with this technological revolution.

Integrative Medicine

Care for yourself and those you love by self-testing for nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, neurotransmitter and hormonal imbalances, and even genetic quirks, and release your/their inner, innate healing capacities. Your consumer activism can take us all one step closer to authentic healthcare reform.

Unfortunately, medical school curricula do not include courses such as “caring for and loving your patients 101” or “authentic healing technologies 203.” The terms love, care and healing are hardly even mentioned. We are taught to maintain a “clinical detachment” and to not get too wrapped up in a deep, abiding concern for our patients. But I am certain that a career of deeply caring for my patient’s outcomes has been the essential element which has compelled me to go beyond the superficial “covering up” of symptoms with drugs, and to search more deeply for the actual roots of my patient’s suffering.

As I have become an expert in nutritional, toxicological, hormonal and genetic science, I now see that all healthcare systems throughout the world are misrepresenting themselves by suggesting that authentic care is actually being delivered. “Caring” for our patient’s minds, bodies and spirits must be inextricably linked to competence in functional medicine otherwise we are guilty of fraud.

Call it good science or a higher standard of care. Call it holistic, integrative or complementary medicine. I simply call it caring, and I encourage you to expect nothing less from your healthcare practitioner.

The Academy of Functional Medicine, Dentistry and Psychology

The Academy of Functional Medicine, Dentistry and Psychology offers training courses in functional medicine to healthcare practitioners and health coaches. Functional medicine examines primary prevention and underlying causes instead of the symptoms for serious chronic disease with the goal of understanding each individual patient’s physiological, environmental, and psychosocial contexts within which his or her illnesses or dysfunctions occur.

Functional medicine seeks to control or reverse each person’s physiological imbalances through individualized therapy based primarily on laboratory diagnostic testing performed by certified, specialized laboratories. Enhancement of patients’/client’s self- empowerment with a collaborative relationship between patient/client and healthcare practitioner or health coach, based on an understanding and knowledge of a patient’s/client’s unique biochemistry, metabolism, toxicology and genetics as determined by laboratory testing is the goal in all encounters.

The textbook: Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine by Drs. Lord and Bralley (also on CD) will be provided.

For more info visit: http://www.academyoffunctionalmedicine.com




Depression and Anxiety Can Be Helped Tremendously With Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids – Joan Matthews Larson, PhD – Health Recovery Center – Orthomolecular Psychiatry, Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Medication Detoxification – Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Our Fat Dependant Brains – By Joan Matthews Larson, PhD

In the seventies, another door opened to our understanding of substances that are vitally essential to our sanity and health: We discovered the prostaglandins, which are made in the brain from Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids.

Researcher David Horrobin MD tells us "the level of prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) is of crucial importance to the body. A fall in the level of PGE1 (in the brain) will lead to a potentially catastrophic series of untoward consequences including increased vascular reactivity, elevated cholesterol production, diabetic- like changes in insulin release, enhanced risk of auto-immune disease, enhanced risk of inflammatory disorders, and susceptibility to depression."

At Health Recovery Center, we have consistently seen suicidal depression completely lift in only one week by normalizing PGE1 levels in the brain. (I'll explain how in the section on Depression.)

Hyperactive children have long been involved in studies with the EFAs in several different countries. Dr. Horrobin describes one such study:

"About 20 children were treated with substantial benefit in about two-thirds of them. Some responses were dramatic! In one case a boy whom they had threatened with expulsion from school because of his impossible behavior was put on gamma linolenic acid without the knowledge of the school authorities. After two weeks on GLA, the teacher, who was unaware of the treatment, contacted the parents and said that in thirty years' of experience she had never seen such a dramatic and abrupt change for the better in a child's behavior. (emphasis mine) Some children do equally well no matter if the oil is given by mouth or by rubbing into the skin. In others, there is the distinct impression that skin absorption, which will bypass malabsorption problems, may have a better effect."

The Good Fats And Oils. Vol. II

In the last decade we have seen an avalanche of exciting studies on essential fatty acids. During that time I heard molecular biologist Donald Rudin, M.D. present his research at a Huxley Institute training session in New York City. He spoke passionately about the connection between Omega 3 EFA deficiency and mental illness. Omega 3 is vital because it provides the substrate upon which niacin and other B vitamin haloenzymes form the prostaglandin 3 series hormones that regulate all of our neurocircuits throughout the entire brain/body!!

He particularly urged using Omega 3 in the form of linseed oil to treat schizophrenia. Immediately he had my attention as I was then attempting to stabilize a middle-aged male, who was a "shout in your face" alcoholic schizophrenic:

Carl had been referred to our clinic by our county's chemical and mental health unit, and was busy terrorizing my staff to the point where we were ready to part company with him. As soon as I returned from the New York conference I began giving him large doses of Omega 3 EFA in the form of linseed oil (as per Rudin), along with mega doses of certain other nutrients.

What emerged was a soft-spoken brilliant minister, who told me that, as a young man his bishop had chosen him to study advanced theology in Switzerland because of his exceptional gifts. I could not believe the changes! At this time he lived on welfare, but said he was going to his bishop to ask for support to reenter his chosen profession.

Long story short, the bishop knew how schizophrenic Carl had been for so many years, and turned him away. After that, Carl's spirit seemed crushed, and having no money, nor support, he did not continue the Omega 3 EFA replacement therapy. A year later, he had regressed again into his schizophrenic world.

Since that time we have gathered and pondered on much of the Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids research and we have applied it to those clients who showed marked deficiencies. The results have been rewarding.

To read more about Joan Matthews Larson and the Health Recovery Center, Please Go Here. You can also see her Videos on My Healthiest Life TV. Joan Matthews Larson is also an expert contributor to My Healthiest Life.

Dr. Joseph Dubroff, ND – HCG Weight Loss, Prolotherapy, Autoimmune Disorders, IV Nutrition Therapy and Thyroid Disorders – Naturopathic Doctor – Carlsbad, Newport Beach, Ladera Ranch, San Diego County, California

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About Dr. Joseph Dubroff, ND: Specializing In HCG Weight Loss, Prolotherapy, Auto Immune Diseases, IV Nutrition Therapy and Thyroid Disorders – Naturopathic Doctor – Carlsbad, Newport Beach, Ladera Ranch, San Diego County, California

About Dr. Joseph Dubroff, ND - Dr Dubroff received his bachelor’s in biology at the University of Mass in Boston in 1997. He attained his doctorate in naturopathy from The National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, OR in 2002.

Naturopaths are recognized as primary care doctors in the state of California.

Dr Dubroff is an alternative doctor and practices a three prong approach to holistic medicine. Scientific evidence based botanical/nutritional medicine, stimulating the individual’s natural resources to heal (homeopathy and hydrotherapy) and diet and lifestyle to promote and insure health and wellness.

Dr Dubroff completed a year long residency in mental health and homeopathic applications during his schooling at NCNM.  He has given many lectures in the community as well as hospital and other medical settings. He has also designed a year long CME course on alternative medical applications for mental health professionals.

Dr Dubroff started his clinical practice in Portland, OR where he served as a preceptor doctor training students in homeopathy for NCNM.  He moved to LA in 2007 to work with an orthopedic surgeon for 2 years before starting his own practice in Orange/San Diego County.

About IV Therapy

IV (intravenous) therapy is used to administer nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and other medicines directly into the blood stream.  Because this method bypasses the need for medicines to be absorbed through the digestive system nutrients are better able to tissues in need.  For instance high oral intake of nutrients is simply not possible due to digestive/absorptive limitations.  One good example of this is the use of Vitamin C in trying to overcome a cold due to a viral infection.  The useful antiviral effects of Vit C are seen when 10-15 mg/dl.  This level is achievable with IV therapy but usually not with oral dosing.  Oral dosage usually peaks with levels at around  1.2-4 mg/dl vs IV therapy levels of 50-90 mg/dl.  Besides digestive/absorptive limitations our capacity to absorb can be altered through increasing age and digestive functional changes, the experience of stress, becoming immune compromised, experience of impaired digestive function, many chronic illnesses, etc.

Simply stated IV therapy patient’s blood nutrient levels rise more significantly then orally administration would ever allow for a number of reasons.   These optimal levels promote a generalized healing and have tremendous effects upon metabolism, energy and disease prevention and treatment.

IV formulas are specifically designed based on individual health needs. Specific blood tests 9i.e. Intracellular Nutrient and Antioxidant Testing) can be done to assess if there are any nutrient deficiencies.

Examples of Conditions Treated with IV Therapy:

Chronic Bacterial or Viral Infections

Chronic Sinus Pain and Infections

Environmental Toxicity



Adrenal rejuvenation

Chronic Fatigue


Improved Athletic Performance


Nutrient Deficiencies

General Wellness

Macular Degeneration

Migraine Headaches


Respiratory Illness

Immune System Deficiencies

Compromised Immune Function/Autoimmunity (Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, SLE, etc)

Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn’s Disease


Neurological Disorders-Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS

Peripheral Neuropathy


Heart health-the clearing of arterial plaque build up

Heavy Metal Chelation Therapy

Addictions and Narcotic Withdrawal

Pre/Post Travel

Preventative Care

Chronic Pain

Organ System Support and Rejuvenation

HCG Weight Loss:

Homeopathic HCG and Internet Programs:

are they effective and are they safe?

Actual HCG hormone, not homeopathic HCG, is a safe and effective program for weight loss.

The actual hormone HCG must legally be prescribed by a licensed doctor.

Many people are purchasing homeopathic HCG from the internet.  It is doubtful that homeopathic HCG will have the same results as the actual hormone HCG. Homeopathic HCG is diluted to such a point that it is completely unreasonable to expect any level of actual HCG hormone in homeopathic preparations. It is the hormonal action of HCG that is thought to produce weight loss along with a restricted calorie diet.   The benefits of homeopathic HCG weight loss are solely the result of a 500 calorie diet. It is not uncommon for people to come see me post homeopathy hcg/500 calorie diet with their hair falling out and trouble with metabolic recovery. Our programs starts at 1000-1200 calorie diets. People report not being hungry on this program and typically are very pleased with their weight loss, typically 3-5 lbs a week.  I’m yet to experience any metabolic down regulating affects as in a 500 calorie homeopathic diet programs….homeopathic hcg is not the hormone Hcg.

Our Modified 1000 Calorie Hcg Diet:
To be successful in losing weight it must first be determined by a medical professional if there are any possible medical conditions that are in the way of weight loss.  A series of questions followed by appropriate lab work if necessary will determine if there are medical issues that need to be addressed.  Sound nutritional counseling will ensure keeping the weight off for the long run.  

There is no need to start with a 500 calorie diet.  Our modified hcg program blends a limited caloric intake (starting at 1000 calories) with a ketogenic diet (20-60 grams of carbohydrates a day).  When the body consumes low carbohydrates it must start breaking down fat reserves to meet blood sugar needs. Ketogenic diets mean limited bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and corn. Of course this also means absolutely no soda, candy or processed snack foods. Fruit and complex vegetable carbohydrates are allowed in limited quantities. In our modified hcg program we teach you to count calories to achieve Hcg success while also counting carbs to achieve ketogenic success.  Hcg causes increased utilization of fat reserves during a limited caloric intake while the ketogenic shift towards decreasing carbohydrates further demands the use of fat reserves.  This combination is a winning  rapid weight loss program.

This initial approach is usually all that is needed for most people to lose between 3-5 lbs a week.

Natural Medicine and Hypothyroid

There is no need to stay fatigued because conventional medicine does not have the answer to your fatigue!

Many Natural Medical Answers to Hypothyroid

Bioidentical Hormones

Supplemental medicine geared at symptoms and lab findings

Environmental Treatment: exposure to Halogens such as Fluoride and Bromine can impair Iodine and thyroid function.

Thyroid function and adrenal function are one very important hormonal relationship.

A Big Myth About Hypothyriodism:

Have you been told that your blood work rules out thyroid issues?

Do you still have all the typical symptoms listed at the top of this page?

Have you had fatigue and weight gain ever since pregnancy?

If the answer is yes, then………………..

You are probably Hypothyroid!

The conventional diagnosis of hypothyroidism rests on both a high blood Thyroid-stimulating-Hormone (TSH) and a low level of the inactive thyroid hormone  thyroxine (T4).  TSH, produced in the brain, stimulates the production of T4, produced in the thyroid, which is then converted to T3 which is the active thyroid hormone.  But many people with hypothyroid have normal TSH and T4 levels.  This is because these two indicators alone are not sensitive enough for all cases of hypothyroidism.  There are a number of tests that can be performed that more adequately assess thyroid function.

An Easy at Home Test:

Many health experts believe the basal body temperature-the temperature of your body at rest-is the most sensitive test of thyroid function. The test is simple all you need is a thermometer.

Plan to take the test first thing in the morning after you wake.  this is because it is important to measure your temp after a full nights sleep.

Before you go to bed shake down your thermometer to below 95 degrees and keep it by your bed.

Immediately upon waking, place the thermometer under your armpit, held in place by your arm pressed agaisn’t your side for a count of 10.

Read and record the temp and the date.

Repeat the test for at least 3 days at the same time of day.

An average reading of between 97.6 and 98.2 is normal.  Anything lower could indicate hypothyroid.

Note: Menstruating women have to take the test upon their second, third and fourth day of menstruation.  Men and post menopausal women can take their temp at any time.
It is now widely believed by a large body of researches and doctors that these blood indices alone are insufficient for uncovering all cases of hypothyroidism or otherwise under active metabolism.

Has Standard Thyroid Medicine Fallen Short: covering all the possibilities

There are a number of considerations that should be addressed.  In general hormones tend to work together and have many effects upon each other.  Environmental considerations at times can block receptor function and lead to low T3 levels/hypothyroidism.

 Anemia and other conditions can express as fatigue and need to be considered.

 Estrogen dominance this is where there is more estrogen then progesterone-this is typical of perimenopausal. 

Low Testosterone - can mimic many of the symptoms of hypothyroid.

Altered Adrenal Function: responsible for the stress response as well as metabolism and energy. Depleted hormones such as Cortisol and DHEA can increase the demands upon the thyroid.

Heavy Metals may be blocking the conversion of T4 to T3-inactive to active hormone.

Prolotherapy: an impressive solution to all sorts of physical pains

Get Pain Free

Heals and regenerates injured tissues.

Very effective.

The major alternative to surgical procedures for chronic pain. 

Needle procedure treats interface of ligaments, tendons and or cartilage.

Easy to assess need and expected results.

Prolotherapy is a very effective treatment for many forms of musculoskeletal pain. This is because prolotherapy targets ligaments, cartilage and tendon (LCT) structures that our often at the bottom of many pain syndromes. The musculoskeletal system has to be highly flexible and adaptable to physical demands while maintaining structural integrity. This is no small demand considering the constant movement of the human body.  LCT tissues stabilize and move bony structures along joints allowing the body a wide array of fluid movements. But LCT tissues can be injured just like any other part of the body. For example an unexpected step off a street curb and an injury might arise to the knee, ankle and or even one’s lower back. The stability of the body is what LCT structures are all about. Wear and tear to these tissues is a very, very common occurrence for the general public.   Athletic injuries can especially leave LCT tissues weakened and injured and in need of attention.

Now consider that unless there is a significant tear or destruction of tissue in an LCT structure there typically will not be positive findings with diagnostic imaging.  Unstable or injured LCT structures are for the most part not visible with modern diagnostic imaging.  LCT structures hold joints in stable positions based on the health of those tissues. A weak foundation leads to all sorts of problems in house, home and body. LCT syndromes are probably responsible for the vast majority of pain syndromes not corrected by conservative medical management (such as chiropractic and or physical therapy) when there are negative diagnostic imaging studies.

Try Prolo if More Conservative Measures Have Not Produced Results

What is Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy creates a regenerative process in injured and unstable ligaments, tendons and cartilage tissues.   This is done by injecting a solution of sterile water, 12.5 % dextrose solution (sugar water) and lidocaine at the bone/ligament interface. Research indicates that even what is called dry needling (no injectable solution) is proven to reduce pain when injecting in injured LCT tissues.  After a prolotherapy treatment LCT tissues heal and strengthen over a 4-6 week period. The strength of Prolotherapy is that it restores and regenerates the health of LCT tissues creating more stable joints and reducing associated pain.

Prolotherapy is a very safe effective treatment for all sorts of physical pains when compared to surgery

An Alternative to Surgery

More and more the public has growing concerns for surgical treatment of musculoskeletal pain. Surgery can be very helpful but it should be used as a last resort.  Prolotherapy in one study has been shown effective in managing patients that had a history of poor surgical outcomes (Failed Back Syndrome).  Pain Physician. 2005 Apr 8(2);167-83.

Mayo Clinic on Prolotherapy

As of April 2005, doctors at the Mayo Clinic began supporting prolotherapy. Mayo Clinic doctors list the areas that are most likely to benefit from prolotherapy treatment as ankles, knees, elbows, and the sacroiliac joint at the low back. The Mayo clinic reports that “unlike steroid injections — which may provide temporary relief — prolotherapy involves a more permanent strengthening and healing by stimulating tissue growth.


Health Recovery Clinic – Dr. Joan Mathews-Larson – Orthomolecular Medicine, Addiction Treatment, Drug Dependency, Alcoholism, Medication Detoxification, Nutritional Healing, Holistic Healing, IV Nutrition Therapy – Minneapolis, Minnesota

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About Dr. Joan Mathews-Larson:

Joan Mathews-Larson began her work over thirty years ago. The loss of her son, shortly after he completed a top-rated, 12-step treatment program, fueled a passionate search for more effective solutions to treat addictions. Convinced that alcoholism is not the result of emotional triggers, or willpower weaknesses, Joan delved into the scientific research, and uncovered scores of studies, including those by the groundbreaking biochemist Dr. Roger Williams, which clearly established a genetic and nutritional connection to addiction. Read more about Joan.

Joan holds a doctorate in human nutrition, has written numerous articles and books, has been featured on popular television and radio programs such as 20/20 and CNBC, and is a popular guest lecturer. Her best-selling books, Seven Weeks to Sobriety and Depression Free, Naturally, have led to over 600 media appearances.

Joan Mathews-Larson began her work over thirty years ago. The loss of her son, shortly after he completed a top-rated, 12-step treatment program, fueled a passionate search for more effective solutions to treat addictions. Convinced that alcoholism is not the result of emotional triggers, or willpower weaknesses, Joan delved into the scientific research, and uncovered scores of studies, including those by the groundbreaking biochemist Dr. Roger Williams, which clearly established a genetic and nutritional connection to addiction.

Mathews-Larson holds a doctorate in human nutrition and is the author of the national bestseller Seven Weeks to Sobriety and Depression Free, Naturally. Her books have led the field into new ways of understanding chemical addictions and mental health problems. They have both been translated into several languages. Her breakthrough, bestseller on alcoholism, Seven Weeks to Sobriety, has served as a textbook in upper level nursing classes, and continues as a manual for other treatment centers wishing to incorporate cause-based healing strategies into more progressive programs.


Dr. Joan Mathews-Larson founded her unique psychobiological model for treating addictions and emotional disorders in 1981. The focus of her clinic, Health Recovery Center®, is to combine therapy with intervention at a molecular level to repair the biochemical damage that manifests as impaired mental functioning and behavior problems. Her research, published in the International Journal of Biosocial and Medical Research in 1987 and 1991, describes this work.

Over the years Health Recovery Center has received national recognition due to its high recovery rates. Today, Dr. Mathews-Larson continues to work as the Executive Director of this internationally renowned program, having successfully treated thousands of people from around the world. After more than 30 years, the success rates of HRC is unparalleled by conventional approaches. Not only do clients no longer drink, they no longer crave alcohol, nor do they suffer from depression, anxiety, or the myriad symptoms that drive most alcoholics back to drink. Yet, few other programs have adapted Dr. Mathews-Larson’s psychobiological approach to therapy. Being a new, revolutionary approach, Dr. Larson has had to butt heads with the establishment, which seems to cling to the status quo despite failing recovery rates. As she continues to defend the logic of her innovations, slowly the treatment industry is coming to recognize and accept her ideas as true innovations to enhance to success of treatment.

Published Work/Speaking

Articles about Joan Mathews-Larson and her work have appeared in:

  • Psychology Today
  • The Townsend Letter for Doctors
  • The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
  • Let’s Live
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Prevention Magazine
  • Common Boundaries
  • Natural Health
  • Mpls St. Paul Magazine
  • Minnesota Monthly
  • Minnesota Physician
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Chicago Daily Herald
  • New Orleans Times Picayune
  • Dallas Observer
  • Denver Post
  • Rocky Mountain News
  • Norway Times
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune

In addition to being a popular guest lecturer, she is also in high demand from the media. Her best-selling books, Seven Weeks to Sobriety and Depression Free Naturally—published by Ballantine in 1992 and 2000 –respectively– have led to over 500 television and radio appearances including:

  • 20/20
  • The Susan Powter Show
  • ABC Network News
  • Universal Studios American Health Network
  • CBN-TV’s 700 Club

Dr. Mathews-Larson’s speaking engagements include:

  • The American College for Advancement in Medicine Physicians
  • The 32nd Annual International Conference of Nutritional Medicine Today, April ’03
  • Keynote speaker at The Toronto Health Expo, Nov. ’03
  • 35th Annual International Conference of the Society for Orthomolecular Medicine, April ’06
  • Keynote speaker at Beyond Talk Therapy: New frontiers in Addiction Treatment Symposium, July ’07.


Bio-Recovery sells the same nutrients to the public that are used at the Health Recovery Center holistic health clinic. The success of HRC’s program is tied directly to the nutrients they prescribe so no expense is spared to insure these products incorporate the latest scientific research with the highest quality features.


HRC Approach

The essence of HRC’s addiction treatment is to identify (once and for all) with labs the many possible biochemical mistakes that keep you craving, depressed, anxious, and needing a “fix” to feel better, and to correct these biochemical disruptions using the wealth of knowledge that orthomolecular medicine and holistic health treatment offer.

Is there an AA Component to Health Recovery Center?

We cannot see the value of a “searching moral inventory” for a disease of genetic physical origin. An attempt to make moral judgments about any behavior that is triggered by a physical disease is not 21st Century intelligence.

The 12-step, AA belief system is embraced by only three percent of U.S. alcoholics today according to their own figures*. Even those members have a hard time staying sober and feeling stable because NO repair has taken place for this physically caused disease! Alcoholics lose an average of 20 years of life, and government figures show that both drinking and abstinent alcoholics die at almost the same rate because treatment does not reverse physical damage.

Why didn't someone think of this before?

Our drug-free treatment of alcoholism, chemical dependency, depression and other emotional disorders goes beyond traditional counseling. It addresses the physiological component.


Consider a physical disease such as schizophrenia. With its multiple distortions that mimic a troubled mind, it would seem the mind is hearing voices, or seeing what isn’t there, but these symptoms are being broadcast to the mind from an unstable brain. When we fix the brain, the voices stop.

Similarly, when treating alcoholism, the addiction treatment philosophy of trying to talk to the mind about the brain’s physical needs is the same waste of time. How can recovery happen without first repairing the damage an addiction has done, and without testing to determine which primary physical problems need fixing?

Carefully selected labs help us identify biochemical imbalances that drive cravings, depression, anxiousness, and the need for a “fix” to feel better. We then correct these mistakes using a molecular science to restore life with the substances all humans require—not toxic, psychiatric drugs. This is orthomolecular medicine: Providing the brain and body with the optimum concentrations of natural substances that are normally present to restore stability and sanity.

Our services are available to those with the following biochemical brain disorders: