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Dr. Jacques Doueck, DDS – 21st Century Dentist, Biomimetic Dentist and Ozone Dentist Using Cutting Edge, State of the Art, Technologies Including: Laser Dentistry, Digital X-Rays, Pain-Free Dentistry, One Day Ceramic Crowns, Cosmetic Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Insight Cameras, No Drilling Cavities and More – Brooklyn, New York

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About Dr. Jacques Doueck, DDS – 21st Century Dentist, Biomimetic Dentist and Ozone Dentist Using Cutting Edge, State of the Art, Technologies Including: Laser Dentistry, Digital X-Rays, Pain-Free Dentistry, One Day Ceramic Crowns, Cosmetic Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Insight Cameras, No Drilling Cavities and More – Brooklyn, New York

Dr. Doueck is a member of the American Dental Association and serves on the District Claims Committee for the state society. As a member of the Center Study Club and the Peninsula Hospital Study Club Dr. Doueck is able to keep up with the latest advances in dentistry while interacting and exchanging experience with other like-minded dentists.

He is a clinical consultant for the Dental Advisor, a monthly journal that reviews current dental materials and techniques. Dr. Doueck writes a monthly article on state-of-the-art dentistry for “Image” magazine..

Dr. Doueck volunteers his time to teach boys high school senior’s public speaking and communication skills. He is in private practice with Dr. Alan Azrak, a pediatric dentist and Dr. Jack Kassab, a general dentist. Dr. Doueck enjoys “high tech’ dentistry and restorative dentistry with an emphasis on gold. He has an in-house dental laboratory fully equipped for gold, porcelain and pressed ceramic.

Dr. Doueck is certified by the Academy of Laser Dentistry in the use of hard and soft tissue lasers. Dr. Doueck has completed a one year postgraduate course in fixed and removable prosthodontics Dr Doueck presents a course entitle Listen to this before you buy your next piece of new technology. The ultimate use of technology is the right tool at the right time. Dr. Doueck teaches participating dentists the ins and outs of state-of-the-art dental equipment. He teaches doctors that by maximizing the use of technology in the dental practice their dentistry can be better, faster, and easier for the patient. The Greater New York Dental Meeting at the Javitts Center is one of the world’s largest International Dental Congresses. This is where thousands of dentists get together to listen to the latest advances in materials and techniques. There are over 1200 exhibits showcasing the latest in 21st century technology. Dentists attend continuing education courses, workshops and projected clinics. Dr. Doueck’s audience is always a room full of bottom-line no-nonsense dentists that come to learn something new.

Dr. Doueck’s Cutting Edge, State Of The Art, Pain-FREE Services:

Child Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental Implants
Digital X-ray Overview
Laser Dentistry
One Visit Makeover
Patient Comfort
Test-Drive your Smile in 60 seconds
What Is Laser Dentistry?

About Dr. Doueck’s Office


Your dental health, comfort and convenience is our first priority.

Our patients appreciate how we take the time to listen to their concerns.

Dr. Jack Kassab 
As part of out Team approach to Excellence in Dentistry each our dentists take continuing education courses and share a wealth of knowledge. Dr. Jack Kassab has a passion for learning and teaching. He enjoys teaching restorative dentistry once a week at Methodist Hospital. He received advance postgraduate training at Methodist Hospital. Dr. Kassab provides family dental care for adults and children. Quality of patient care, prevention and comfortable experience are what Dr. Kassab has been providing for our patients.

Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Kassab likes to stress the importance of preventive care such as regular exams, cleanings and the use of Flouride and MI paste to prevent and reverse cavities. These small steps along with good home care help to prevent more serious problems down the road.  If you have children you can rest assured that Dr. Kassab will put your children at ease and make their dental care a positive experience. And to suit your busy schedule Dr Kassab offers evenings and Sunday appointments.

Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry
Dr. Doueck has 1000’s of hours in advanced training By using the latest state-of-the-art techniques and equipment your visits are quicker, more comfortable and the results are teeth that look good, feel good and last a lifetime.

Certified by the Academy of Laser Dentistry
Dr Doueck is a fellow of the ALD and have been certified in both hard tissue lasers and soft tissue lasers.

We offer advanced dental techniques such as:

Lasers for Detecting Cavities.
Lasers take the guess work out ofdetecting tooth decay. Although Lasers can’t take the place of x-rays completely, we can use the Diagnodent to detect tooth decay Safely even for Pregnant women.

Drill-less dentistry.
In many cases we can replace the drill to remove tooth decay and prepare the tooth for a filing …. without drilling, often without a shot!

Lasers for periodontaI gum treatment instead ofgurn surgery. 
Without needles, without bleeding we are able to heal infectedgums and treat bone loss without a scalpel.

In our office silver fillings area thing of the past Using the newest materials available, we offr tooth colored fillings to repair broken or decayed teeth.

Insight Camera
The small design of this intra?oral camera permits Dr. Doueck and Dr. Azrak to get an up?dose look at the surface ofyour teeth, the far corners ofyour mouth and areas that are normally hidden from view. This allows us to catch hard to find problems, including hair line cracks, which often lead to future problems such as broken teeth or root canal

Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Doueck has over 30 years of experience in Bonding Porcelain Laminates and other state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures which can help you achieve the smile you want

Magnification Dentistry Using high power binocular telescopes and a focused headlight we are able to see more and deliver a higher level ofquality care than every before. Higher magnification means that we can save more healthy tooth structure by being much more conservative.

To See More of Dr. Doueck’s Videos Check out My Healthiest Life TV. To See The Schedule For His Weekly Radio Show where he interviews Guests on many different topics pertaining to Anti-Aging Medicine and the latest advances in Healing, Check out our Events Page. You can also find more information at: AvoidRootCanal.org


Dr. Tom & Joy Rohrer – Rohrer Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry – Holistic, Restorative, Cosmetic, Integrative & Natural Dentists; Specializing In Safe Amalgam Removal – Delray Beach, Florida

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Tom & Joy Photo

715 George Bush Blvd. Delray Beach, FL 33483

561-536-3375 * DrsRohrer.com

Our philosophy is simple: Our ongoing pursuit to provide excellence in patient care. This means, to not only provide excellence in traditional dental care, but also to combine it with alternative therapy in the framework of whole body health. We provide world-class dentistry, state-of-the art technology, and whole body consideration as a means to establishing long lasting relationships with our highly valued patients. This integrated approach to dental care makes us unique, and allows us to provide you with The Best of Both Worlds! As a result you and your teeth can stay beautiful and healthy for the rest of your life!

About Dr. Tom & Joy Rohrer:

Dr. Tom Rohrer and Dr. Joy LaDelfa Rohrer, both graduated from the University of Florida Dental School and are Pankey Alumni. They believe in long term optimal oral health and aesthetics. The cosmetic and reconstructive philosophy of their practice is based on the teaching of the L.D. Pankey Institute. One of the guiding tenants of this philosophy is to treat people not just teeth.

"Our goal is to provide you with a quality dentistry, to help you keep all of your teeth for the rest of your life in maximum health, comfort, function and appearance at a minimum of stress and discomfort".
-Dr. Thomas Rohrer

What is A Pankey Dentist?

Pankey-trained dentists are taught how to treat their patients as individuals, how to do complete examinations, how to take enough time to listen and answer questions fully, and how to create a practice that reflects their own personal values.
Optimal care is the goal of Pankey-trained dentists, and this creates long-lasting comfort, function and naturally beautiful teeth. Your Pankey-trained dentist will discuss treatment options and counsel you on making appropriate choices.

Optimal Care is the Dentistry of the Future, right now!
Our continuing dental education is based on the standard of optimal oral health care. What is optimal care?

  • It's personalized to your needs
  • It's a caring attitude.
  • It's taking the time to discover how well your entire oral system is functioning.
  • It's about complete examinations and treatment.
  • It's about asking questions to understand you and your oral health.
  • It's about eliminating discomfort you may be experiencing – physically and emotionally.
  • Optimal care means bringing you to a level of health, comfort and beauty you may never have experienced before.

We put patients first. We are completely committed to the ideals of Integrated Dentistry. Integrated dentistry essentially means that we utilize both traditional treatment modalities as well as "complementary" treatments when indicated. We are focused on not only Optimal Health and Aesthetics of your teeth, but provide that care in the context of your whole body. Our Whole Body Approach, offers patients only the use of the finest materials and biocompatible products available. We are proud to offer mercury free products. We feel this approach is the safest and most aesthetically pleasing way to maintain and restore your oral health.

Compatibility Testing
Diet Counseling
Natural Detoxification
Heavy Metal Toxicity Testing
Periodontal Inflammatory Markers
Oral cancer screening-brush biopsy and Visilite
Deep Relaxation Integration
Cranial Sacral Treatment
Safe Amalgam Removal Process
Biocompatabilty testing
Antioxidant level screening
Galvanic spa

The goal is a lifetime of health, comfort, and beauty with the least possible treatment necessary. Learn more

Rohrer Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry * 715 George Bush Blvd. Delray Beach, FL 33483 

561-536-3375 * DrsRohrer.com

Serving: Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Jupiter, Wellington, Lake Worth, Lantana, Ocean Ridge, Pompano Beach & South Florida